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2014 Gold Pass Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where can I get questions answered?
A: First check here and on the website to see if you can find an answer. If you are still unable to find the answer to your ticketing question you may contact the Ticket Office by emailing or by calling 617-552-GoBC. If you have other questions regarding the Gold Pass you can contact the Sport Marketing office by emailing or by calling 617-552-3005.

Q: How do I know if I am in Group 1 or Group 2 for a high demand game?
A: Members of group 1 will be notified via the Gold Pass App. You will then proceed to the awards page where you will be able to click on the award which will include the logo of the opponent and the date of the game. You will be required to show this award to the event management staff and swipe your ID in order to gain priority entrance. Members of Group 2 you will see the award, but it will remain locked.

Q: How do I win prizes and where do I pick them up?
A: Once you have accrued enough points to unlock a prize, you will be notified via a push notification on the Gold Pass App. You will then click on the unlocked prize on the awards tab which will contain the specific information on how to redeem your prize. Winners of the enter-to-win prized will be notified via the contact information provided in your user profile - so be sure to fill yours out.

Q: What happens if I lose my student ID (which is my ticket)?
A: If you lose your student ID and are unable to replace it at Student Services prior to the next home game, visit the Ticket Office to make arrangements for admittance to that particular game.

Q: Will points be carried over from year to year?
A: Points from the 2013-14 season will not be carried over into the 2014-15 year but a portion of your 2014-15 points will carry over to the 2015-16 season. So the more points you accumulate this season, the more you will have going into next.

Q: What if I go for a semester abroad?
A: If you are studying abroad during the 2014-15 academic year you will be eligible to purchase a fall or spring semester Gold Pass. The price for the fall half pass is $145 and the spring half pass is $115. The spring half pass purchasers will have their own leaderboard so will only be competing against other abroad students for high demand games. Please note that in order to purchase a half pass you will be required to show verification of your study abroad plans.

Q: Are graduate students eligible for the Gold Pass?
A: The Gold Pass is not available to graduate students. There is a discounted Young Alumni season ticket that can be purchased at

Q: Where will the student entrance be?
A: The student entrances will be located where they have traditionally been located in the past. For football, students must enter through Gate A of Alumni Stadium which is located closest to the Conte Forum Ticket Office. The student entrance for hockey and basketball is located around the corner from Gate C of Conte Forum, adjacent to the Higgins staircase. Students must enter the venues at these locations and will not be permitted to enter other gates.

Q: Can I buy a student individual game ticket?
A: There are no student tickets for individual games. The only way to for students to attend games is to purchase the Gold Pass or purchase a full priced individual game ticket with an assigned seat not located in the student section.

Q: How can I contact the ticket office?
A: You may visit the Ticket Office, located on the concourse of Conte Forum near Gate B, during normal business office hours, email at or call at 617-552-GoBC.

Q: Where can I find my total points?
A: Point totals can be found on the awards page or the leaderboard of the Gold Pass App.

Q: Where do I find how many points the games are worth?
A: A full list of the rewards points associated with the various games will be posted on the app under events as well as on the Gold Pass Calendar. Visit to view the calendar.

Q: Are points ever deducted? (i.e. using them for prizes or a high demand game, etc.)
A: Your rewards points are not deducted for "using" them to win prizes or attend high demand games. Your points are cumulative and you will not lose them during the year.

Q: Exactly what games is the Gold Pass good for?
A: The Gold Pass will give you access to regular season home football, men's ice hockey, men's basketball and women's basketball games. It does not guarantee you entrance to all games, it simply provides the opportunity to access games. It is up to the student to arrive early enough to get into the game and accumulate enough points by `checking in' on the app to be able to attend high demand games. Some post-season tournament games located at home will be included and will be indicated on the app and calendar. Points will not be awarded for road games or home games which fall over break. Access to purchasing student Beanpot tickets will be based on the rewards system but note that buying these tickets will be an additional cost.

Q: I am a Student-Athlete. What process do I follow?
A: As a student-athlete your student ID card will be activated for entrance and you are not required to download the Gold Pass App.

Q: Will all Olympic Sports have Rewards Points associated with them?
A: No. Only select Olympic sporting events will have points associated with their games. Please refer to the Gold Pass Calendar to see what games are "Gold Pass Games".

Q: Are there guest passes?
A: Guest passes are available for select games where attendance is not expected to reach capacity. Contact the Ticket Office for pricing and availability. Please note guest passes are only for non BC students.

Q: When do I have to buy the pass by?
A: You may purchase the pass all year long, however the price will remain the same. Those who purchase before July 15 will be entered for a chance to win a trip for two with the football team to a road game. All the students who purchase before August 1 will receive 10 bonus points.

Q: Can I charge the cost of my Gold Pass to my student account?
A: Yes, students may charge the full price of the Gold Pass to their student account up until September 4, 2014.

Q: Will I receive points for swiping my student ID even if I don't download or check in or the rewards app?
A: No. The only way to receive points is by downloading the app and setting up an account. Upon entrance to the facility you will be required to check in on your app.

Q: Will I be eligible to attend high demand games if I don't use the rewards app?
A: No, you must download the rewards app in order to accrue enough points in order to be eligible to attend high demand games.

Q: How do I check in and accrue points if I don't have a smart phone?
A: E-mail or call 617-552-3005 if you do not have a smart phone and we will assist you in setting up an account. After swiping your student ID to gain entrance you will be required to report to the Gold Pass table where an iPad will be available for you to `check in' on.

Q: What happens if I lose, break or forget my smart phone?
A: After swiping your student ID to gain entrance report to the Gold Pass table where an iPad will be available for you to `check in' on.

Q: I checked in early but don't see my bonus points?
A: Bonus points will not be awarded until a set time after you leave the event. If you feel as though your point total is inaccurate email or call 617-552-3005 and we will look into it for you.

Q: I tried to check in at the game but the app wouldn't allow me to check in?
A: If you have any issues checking into a game please report to the Gold Pass table where someone will assist you.

Q: If I am in Group 2, does that mean I will not be able to attend a high demand game?
A: Not necessarily. Students in Group 1 will receive priority entrance to the game up until 15 minutes prior to the start of the game. At that time, if capacity has not been reached, students in the Group 2 line will be permitted to enter the facility until capacity is reached.

Q: Will I be able to get onto Shea Field with the Gold Pass?
A: Yes. We will have scanners at the entrance to Shea field, so if you have the Gold pass you will have access onto Shea Field.