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Q: Will I be able to get onto Shea Field with the Gold Pass?

A: Yes. We will have scanners at the entrance to Shea field, so if you have the Gold pass you will have access onto Shea Field.

Q: What happens if I lose my ID?
A: If you lose your ID and cannot replace it at Student Services, head over to the ticket office for assistance.

Q: Are there guest passes?
A: At this time, there are no plans to offer guest passes.

Q: Will points be carried over from year to year?
A: Your point total will not be carried over from year to year.

Q: What if I go for a semester abroad?
A: If you are abroad, a fall or spring semester pass will be available to you, provided you can prove that you were/will be away. The price for the fall pass and spring pass will be released shortly.

Q: Where will the student entrance be?
A: The student entrances will be located where they have traditionally been located in the past. Gate A for Alumni Stadium, closest to Conte Forum, and near Gate C for Conte Forum, adjacent to the Higgins staircase. Students must enter the venues at these locations.

Q: When do I have to buy the pass by?
A: You may purchase the pass all year long, however the price will remain the same. Students may charge the full price of the Gold Pass to their student account up until August 31, 2013.

Q: What if I only want to go to football? Is there any option to purchase just football season passes?
A: At this time, there are no plans to sell student tickets as individual or season tickets on a per sport basis. The only way to for students to get access to games is to purchase the Gold Pass.

Q: What if I've been to every hockey game, but I didn't accumulate enough points from the other sporting events that I don't get to go to the "high demand" hockey games? Does sport-loyalty play a factor?
A: Sport Loyalty does not play a factor into the ticket distribution process for high demand games. Total Rewards Points will count.

Q: How do I pick up my ticket for high demand game? (date, time, where)
A: The ticket distribution process for high demand games is still being planned. More details will be released as the winter sports seasons approach.

Q: How can I contact the ticket office?
A: You can stop by the ticket office on the concourse of Conte Forum near Gate B, or contact the ticket office by email at or by phone at 617-552-GoBC.

Q: Where do I find how many points the games are worth?
A: A full list of the rewards points associated with the various games will be posted on the Gold Pass Calendar.

Q: If I can't go to a high-demand game but have enough points, can I transfer my ticket to a friend?
A: No. You must attend any high demand game that you request a ticket for. If you cannot attend, please do not request a ticket for that game, as it will go to another student based on rewards points.

Q: Are points ever deducted? (i.e. for using them for a high demand game, etc.)
A: Your rewards points are not deducted for "using" them to attend high demand games. Your points are cumulative and you will not lose them.

Q: Does this include any tournament games? (men's hockey)
A: Yes, the Gold Pass will allow students access to post-season tournament events that are held at BC (for example the men's Hockey East Tournament Quarterfinals). Any post-season games that occur off campus however, are not included. Rewards points will be used to distribute student tickets to high demand tournament events such as the Beanpot.

Q: Where can I find my total points?
A: You may go to to check your Rewards Point totals.

Q: Is this available to graduate students?
A: At this time, the Gold Pass will not be available to graduate students. Graduate students may purchase tickets at a discounted rate as they have in the past.

Q: If two games with Rewards Points are happening at the same time, can I go to both and get points for each game?
A: In the rare instance that two or more Rewards Points games occur at the same time and date, students will only receive points for one of the events. Students will need to chose which event they would like to attend. Students cannot earn points for attending multiple events that occur simultaneously. This will only occur with Olmpic sport events.

Q: I am a Student-Athlete. What process do I follow?
A: Student-Athletes will automatically be granted the Gold Pass. As in the past, you will need to enter the stadium/arena at the same entrance you have in the past. For the high demand games, you will be required to sign up in advance.

Q: Will all Olympic Sports have Rewards Points associated with them?
A: No. Only select Olympic Sports games will have points associated with their games. Please refer to the Gold Pass Calendar to see what games are "Gold Pass Games".