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Getting Started:
To begin to resell your Boston College tickets or to purchase tickets posted for sale by other season ticket holders, you will first need to register on the Boston College Ticket Marketplace. First, visit and click on the Tickets link at the top of the page under the banner. You will then see the Ticket Marketplace link. Next, Click on this to get into the site. After reviewing the benefits of the Ticket Marketplace, click on the "Ticket Marketplace" link of your choice. Simply register via the "Sign Me Up" link located under the login box. You will need to enter your Boston College season account number as well as your pin number in order to successfully register on the Marketplace. Once you have successfully registered, click on the My Inventory menu button to begin to post your tickets for sale. If you have forgotten your account number and/or pin number, or if you experience any difficulties while navigating the site, please call the Boston College Ticket Office at (617) 552-GoBC(4622) or send an email to

Boston College Marketplace Basic Functions
To navigate through the Ticket Marketplace environment, first login and then simply use the menu buttons that are located in the menu bar near the top of the Ticket Marketplace window.

  • My Inventory - displays tickets you have available to sell as well as the status of any tickets that you have posted for sale.

  • My Market - shows tickets you currently have up for sale and allows you to change your end sale time or withdraw tickets that have not been purchased.

  • History - shows tickets you have sold through Ticket Marketplace

  • Buy Tickets - takes you to the full list of tickets that are currently posted for sale. If you have posted tickets for sale, your tickets will appear in bold and will not have the "Buy" button next to them.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What do I gain from selling my tickets on Boston College Ticket Marketplace?
    When your tickets are purchased on Boston College Marketplace, you will receive a credit of 100% of the ticket's resale price. Boston College will issue you either a credit on your credit or you will receive a check of your credit at the conclusion of the season.

    2. How do I post my tickets for sale?
    You will be able to post your season tickets seats for any game held at Conte Forum. You can post any of your season tickets for sale from the My Inventory page of your Ticket Marketplace account. To post your tickets for sale, simply click on the "Sell" button located to the right of your desired event. You will then need to select the individual tickets you'd like to sell as well as set the amount of hours and days before the event you'd like your sale to end. Simply click "Finish" to post your tickets for sale.

    3. Can I cancel the sale of my ticket?
    You will only be allowed to cancel a ticket sale if another user of the Ticket Marketplace has not purchased your ticket(s). In order to cancel a ticket sale, click on My Market from the menu bar and then click "Edit" next to the ticket sale you'd like to cancel. To remove your tickets from the market, simply click on the "Withdraw Tickets" button on the following page.

    4. What should I do once my tickets sell?
    If your tickets are purchased on the Boston College Ticket Marketplace you will receive an email confirmation verifying the sale. After a sale has taken place, your original ticket is voided and the bar code is rendered useless. New tickets will be issued to the ticket buyer. You will be instructed to destroy your original tickets in the confirmation email you receive after the sale is complete. If an attempt is made to use your season tickets for admittance after they have been sold, all privileges to the Ticket Marketplace including, but not limited to, buying and selling of season tickets via the Ticket Marketplace may be revoked.