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Volleyball's Katty Workman Hopes to Make the Most of Her Time at BC

Sophomore Katty Workman

Sophomore Katty Workman

Nov. 12, 2013

Written by senior Kristen Scott

Most athletes put on headphones and listen to music to get mentally ready for games. Katty Workman, a sophomore on the volleyball team, prefers the quiet. Before each match, Workman closes her eyes and goes through a visualization process. She pictures her team playing and executing the game plan to get her adrenaline up.

"It's the routine I do before every game. The team kind of makes fun of me for it," said Workman.

While her pre-game ritual might be unorthodox, maybe there's some method to Workman's madness. This year, she ranks fourth in the Atlantic Coast Conference in kills with 310 and was named to the preseason All-ACC team. As a freshman, Workman earned ACC Freshman of the Week honors three times.

"I feel lucky to receive those [accolades]. They could have gone to anyone," she said.

A California native, Workman grew up with the prevalent volleyball culture of the West Coast. From playing matches during P.E. in grade school to competing against club teams from across the nation, she benefitted from a high level of exposure to the game.

"There's definitely a higher level of competition," Workman explained. "Once I actually started playing, there was a very large number of good club teams. I've talked to girls who play for really good club teams in other parts of the country and they're not able to have as many tournaments. The top 16 teams in California are competing nationally."

Workman attributes her personal success to the support she's received throughout her playing career. The encouragement she gets from her family has pushed her to compete strongly at Boston College. Workman's older sister Ellie played tennis for two years at the Heights, and her younger brother Hank is a member of the BC men's tennis team. Workman's sister lives in Cambridge and makes it to many of her matches.

"Ellie had such a great experience here that when my brother and I were looking for somewhere we could play--and we both wanted to go out of state and get a new experience--BC was an automatic option because she loved it so much," she said.

The 2013 season has been a difficult one for the Eagles, but Workman knows she has to take advantage of being an integral member of a team that she loves.

"I consistently remind myself why I play and why we work so hard. I know we're confident that success will come we just need to keep plugging away at it," she said.

One of the most memorable messages Workman carries with her comes from BC alumni. During Alumni Weekend, former members of the volleyball team spoke with the team.

"They told us, `Make the most out of every single game because you'll never get that again--to get that adrenaline twice a weekend.' Our time left here is short...we need to try to have as much fun as we can every game," said Workman.

With six games left on the regular season schedule, Workman and the BC volleyball team look to string together some wins and finish the season on a high note.

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