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Volleyball's Kelsey Johnson Discusses ACC Play

Kelsey Johnson tallied 13 kills and 10 digs in a loss to then No. 14 Duke on Saturday

Kelsey Johnson tallied 13 kills and 10 digs in a loss to then No. 14 Duke on Saturday

Sept. 25, 2007

Senior captain Kelsey Johnson of the women's volleyball team received All-Tournament Team honors at the Harvard Invitational earlier this season, recording 42 kills, 9 digs, and 7 blocks. The Las Vegas, Nev, native ranked fourth last season in the ACC with 445 kills. Johnson and the Eagles (7-6, 1-2 ACC) host North Carolina State on Thursday at 7 p.m.

Congratulations on being named to the Harvard Invitational All-Tournament Team earlier this season. How exciting was it to lead your team to a 2-1 record at the Invitational and to be recognized for your outstanding play?

It was great because it was the first tournament that we really connected at. We had played two tournaments before - the first didn't go well and the second one, we won, but we didn't play a high level of competition. This was the first time that we came together and played well, so getting the All-Tournament honor for that was amazing, and the trophy was nice, too.

You're a co-captain of this year's squad. What do you think are the responsibilities that come with being a captain - on and off the court?

On the court, you take a lot of responsibility for what happens. Even if you're not involved in a play, it is your team and you are in charge of a lot of things. For instance, if you're not involved in a play, you should be talking, communicating with everyone. You take the brunt of what happens. Off the court, I'm kind of like the question-master. I think I get 15 calls a day from different girls on the team asking, "What color are we wearing on Friday? What are we allowed to eat?" I take questions about everything.

There are five freshmen on the team this year. How does the youth affect the team and what does each of the freshmen bring to the squad?

As a whole, they bring a lot of humor to the team. They're very energetic. On road trips, they're always laughing and giggling. They bring us down to a lower maturity level, but in a good way. Melanie Cimino is incredibly competitive and she always wants to play and be out on the court. Audrey Eichler has one of the best arm swings I've ever seen. She can put a ball down. When she gets going she's completely unstoppable. Kristen Baader has a great personality. She's the go-to person for laughs. On the court, she's very smart. Dani Moskitis is our setter. She's a very good leader on the court. She's always talking, always communicating with everyone and she's pretty reliable. Cathy Quilico is the fastest player I've ever seen on the court. She zips across the court and makes digs that I can't believe.

As you near the midpoint of the season, what are some goals for the team in looking ahead to the second half of the schedule?

We definitely want to finish above .500. The way we play every team twice, we always get a shot at redemption. So since we lost to Duke and Wake Forest this weekend, we really want to play them again. Our goal is just to beat every team at least once, if not twice.

The Eagles are coming off a tough loss to strong ACC opponent Duke. How will the team work to bounce back and prepare to host North Carolina State on Thursday?

The thing about Duke is that they're a very strong team and even though we lost, we did play well against them. So if we play against N.C. State like we did against Duke, as long as we play our game, we should be pretty successful.

Can you tell us anything about the Wolfpack?

They're pretty unpredictable. Every year they'll have an amazing game out of nowhere. Every day it's a different player standing out for them, so you never know. We just have to be very consistent.

Where is the toughest place to play in the ACC?

It would be either Virginia Tech or Georgia Tech. Both of their fans are intense. Last year, Georgia Tech had their swim team come and every time they won a game, the swimmers took off an article of clothing. They ended up running around in Speedos. It was intimidating.

What are your personal goals for your final campaign at BC?

I've really been trying to work on my hitting percentage. I'm very close to getting BC's all-time kill record, so that's one of the goals I really want to achieve. I want to do it with a higher percentage. I think I've hit for an average of .200 the last three years and I want to get up to .250.

This is the final season of your outstanding career at Boston College. What has been the best part about being an Eagle?

I'd say the teammates, playing together. The girls are amazing. We have a lot of fun, but it is incredibly competitive. So the friends I've made are the best part.

What is your most memorable game or match in your four years here at BC?

I think almost everyone that was on the team for it would say Notre Dame my freshman year because they were a top-25 team and we were in the middle of the Big East. We were pretty much out of it and we came back and beat them in three games no problem, which put us into the tournament. Personally, last year against Clemson was memorable because they demolished us the first time, but the second time we played out of our minds. Everyone played amazing and we destroyed them.

What are your plans for after you graduate from Boston College?

I just accepted a job yesterday. I'm working as an accountant in downtown Boston. I'm staying close by so I can come to the games.

Interview conducted by sophomore Geoffrey Kehlmann

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