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Q & A With Women's Volleyball Coach Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell

Aug 27, 2013

Chestnut Hill, Mass.-

The Boston College women’s volleyball team will begin its 2013 season at the Western Carolina Invitational on August 30 and 31. This invitational is one of four tournaments that will kick off the season for the Eagles. Head Coach Chris Campbell took time to sit down with and answer a few questions about the upcoming season.

Q- How has training camp/preseason been going so far?

Campbell: Going well. The girls really showed up in shape ready to go from Day 1 this year. That reflects very highly on our strength & conditioning staff and Nick Asermelly in particular and the work that they put in with the team during the summer session. That’s really big. This year we have a lot of new faces in the gym. Two-thirds of the team is underclassmen so we’re still spending a lot of time on system play and just understanding general systems. We’re still developing and building a young team but they’ve done a nice job thus far. I’m happy.

Q- What are your expectations for the upcoming season?

Campbell: Play hard every time we go on the floor. I think we should be competitive in everything we do. Expectations are that they train hard, play hard, and execute a game plan with intelligence. Then you let wins and losses take care of themselves after that.

Q- How have the freshmen/newcomers been adjusting?

Campbell: Very well. Of the five completely new faces to the program, two of them were here this summer. Both Maddie (Lydon) and Amanda (Skold) were able to be here this summer so we got a little bit of adjusting done then and by large the other girls have known they were coming to BC for the past three years so they’ve been on campus, they already know the team and there’s already a level of familiarity there. So to some degree a lot of the initial things that you have to get around with new faces we’ve already done because the players have been here before. They are still definitely getting used to the speed of the game and our style of play but the progress thus far has been very positive. I’m quite happy.

Q- What are some things you'd like to improve on from last season?

Campbell: Well one of the big ones is hitting efficiency which is easier said than done. There are a lot of moving parts that go into that final result and that final number. That’s quality of setting, choice of setting, quality of ball control leading up to the set and hitting decision making but the returners are all a little bit older, a little bit wiser, and a little bit better skilled than they were a year ago so I think we are making better improvements on that but that’s definitely an area where we need to get better. The second area is blocking which I think is the most difficult skill to develop in volleyball so much of it is from experience so we were a little bit improved last year and I’d like to see that continue.

Q- Outside hitter Katty Workman was named to the All-ACC Rookie Team last year. Do you expect her to have another standout season?

Campbell: Depends on how hard she works. Same answer for everybody. There are no givens in this conference. This conference is too strong and only getting stronger. Both with the quality of teams already in the conference and the new teams we added. Katty will have the year that she’s going to have depending on how much effort she puts into it. Thus far she’s been great and we have to continue that all year.

Q- This season features matchups with six teams that made the 2012 NCAA Tournament. How have you been preparing for this type of competition in your schedule?

Campbell: The same way you prepare for any competition. The one thing about volleyball as a team sport is there’s a net dividing you so when the ball is on your side it’s exclusively yours no matter who is on the other side of the net, so you prepare to play great volleyball regardless of who is on the other side. The ACC is always tough, that’s the nature of it. So the fact that six teams or eight teams or four teams made the NCAA Tournament team last year doesn’t change our preparations; we’re just trying to play our best volleyball.

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