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Softball's Jenna Macchi Excited For Florida State Series

Macchi has 30 hits this season in 23 games played

Macchi has 30 hits this season in 23 games played

April 13, 2007

Senior shortstop Jenna Macchi has helped lead the Eagles to an 8-16, 2-7 ACC record. Macchi, a Milford, Mass. resident, is batting .370 this season with 7 home runs and 21 RBI. Macchi and the Eagles return to action on Saturday, April 14 at 1 p.m. when they host ACC rival Florida State University.

You've hit three home runs in a game twice this season. Talk about the way you've been swinging the bat lately.

It's all about confidence and just going in there with a little attitude. My mentality has been to stay focused every bat, take one at-bat at a time. From the pregame, I'm just focusing on what I'm going to do and feeling good going into the game. When it's my turn to get up there, I just go in with a little attitude and I'm ready to attack and to be aggressive. I'm seeing the ball really well and focusing on the ball all the way, keeping my head on the ball. Head discipline and bat speed is what I'm trying to focus on right now and it's been working for me, so I'm just going to keep it going.

How important is the upcoming home series against ACC rival Florida State? What will it take to get back on a winning track in conference?

It's definitely an important series for us. To sweep the series or to win the series would be a great confidence booster for us. Last year we took one game from Florida State in the series against them, so we know we're capable of playing with them. This year we have just as strong a team, if not a stronger team down the lineup, so we're ready to go against Florida State. We actually just finished watching some FSU video for our practice today, since we got rained out. We're just ready to go, focusing on one game at a time this weekend.

What are some team goals looking ahead to the second half of the season?

We want to let go of the first half of the season. We want to learn from our mistakes and definitely take that with us. We want to have a clean slate for the second half of the season because we can really turn things around. We're not out of it yet. Having a positive attitude and working individually and as a team together will help us get on the winning track.

What fundamentals have you been working on in your own game?

Basically, just offense and defense, as anyone else would work on. Then, I'm trying to communicate with everyone, trying to be a leader on the field and trying to help everyone out, from other seniors all the way down to the freshmen.

Talk about the large role that underclassmen play on this year's team.

The underclassmen are definitely making an impact on our team, which is needed because they're great athletes, great players. They have a great mindset for the game and just having them work hard for us day in and day out and having their young energy has been a tremendous lift for our program.

As a senior, what do you think your responsibilities are in leading the team?

I definitely need to be a communicator on the field. We do have a young infield at times, especially when we have a freshman pitching and a freshman catching. I just try to keep them under control and stay in touch with the outfield at the same time. With regards to picking everybody up when mistakes happen, it's important that I'm settling down the team, picking everyone up and keeping everyone's head in the game.

What are some strengths of this year's ballclub? Where is there room for improvement?

We do work hard. We have a great work ethic, both in the weight room and at practice, and even when we show up for game-day. People have a lot of energy and we always try to pick each other up, and we're always focusing on each other, which is a big plus for us. We need to work on getting all the parts of our game together at once. Some days we'll have our hitting and we won't have our pitching. Some days we'll have our defense, but we won't have our hitting. We just have to get those clicking together.

There's still a ways to go, but looking back on your career at BC, what are some memorable moments?

Some of my favorite games are the ones when we play the best competition in the country. Win or lose, it's just great to go against some of the top-25 teams in the country. Being in the ACC the last two years, a lot of the teams are in the top-25 in the country at some point in the season, so that's been pretty cool. We beat Notre Dame one year, which is always a big rivalry game. Beating FSU last year for our first-ever ACC win was a big boost for us. This year, the Virginia weekend was exciting.

Please give us an update on your brother Brian, a former BC baseball player.

My brother is coaching softball at Milford High School and he's teaching eighth-grade at the local Milford middle school.

Interview conducted by Geoffrey Kehlmann

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