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Q&A with Stephanie Wirth

Senior forward Stephanie Wirth

Senior forward Stephanie Wirth

Nov. 16, 2011

Chestnut Hill, Mass. -

After a 6-1 victory over Marist College in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, senior forward Stephanie Wirth shares her thoughts on the team and the tournament. Boston College goes on the road for the second round match against California, which will take place on Friday at 7:30 p.m.

Q: The six goals in the first round of the tournament marks a season high. What allowed you to be so successful on offense?

A: I think our offensive attack this postseason is in a great stage. Everyone has been aggressive in going forward and attacking with a scoring mentality. Our success last game came from our individual confidence on the ball as well as our ability to communicate and work together on the field.

Q: What do you have to do to reach the Sweet 16 for your fourth straight season?

A: For me, winning games is all about how hard you work and how much heart you put into the match. I have had a different outlook this season and that is to look at each game as if it will be my last. Having that attitude allows me to give everything I have and to leave it all on the field. I know that our team is ready to bring that same mentality to every game we play this postseason.

Q: What is different about this year's team than previous years' teams?

A: With the different personnel this year, I think that we have a more technical team than we have ever had in previous years. The skill level of our team has been one of our biggest strengths this year when facing our opponents. Although we are a more technical team, we have also managed to hold onto the hard-working blue collar mentality that we have had in previous years. While skill is important, I think it has been the relentless hard work that has been the reason for a lot of our victories this year.

Q: How has the team prepared differently this postseason?

A: We have been focusing more on our own team's play and strategy rather than studying our opponents. Critiquing our own offensive attack as well as our defensive line has been the center of attention of our training sessions this post-season.

Q: What is the team's biggest challenge for this tournament?

A: Having the next two games on the road is a huge challenge for us. I know our team can do it; we just need to have that relentless mentality when we step on the field Friday evening. As long as we work hard and play with heart, we have a good chance to win.  

Q: How does being a senior change the way that you view the tournament?

A: It's my last shot. Being a senior on the team and having the experience that I've gained over the last four years in the program, I am certain that I do not want this season to end early. I know what it feels like to lose in the Sweet 16 and have to watch the rest of the teams advance in the tournament. We have prepared all season for this tournament. Although we are taking it one game at a time, I have the full confidence that every player on our roster this year has a national championship in the back of their minds.

Q: What is your favorite memory of BC soccer?

A: The endless amount of friends that I have made is what I will always remember from being on this team. Coach [Alison Foley] has always made a strong point in recruiting good players to the athletic community we have at Boston College. Being that the team changes every year as the seniors graduate and new freshmen enter the program, I have been given the opportunity to meet new teammates and build more friendships. Having been on the team four years now, I have been fortunate enough to have built relationships with different players that I know will be life-long friendships.

Q: Reflecting on these past four seasons, what would you say has been your greatest accomplishment?

A: Without even a moment of hesitation, the first thing that I think of is making it to the Final Four last year. The feeling of achievement and pride you get when you stare out onto the field and you see the initials BC engraved into the pitch. It truly is a rush of emotions and an unforgettable moment that I know this year's team is ready to get back. 

-Interview by sophomore Matt Moran

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