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Q & A With Senior Amy Caldwelll

Amy Caldwell is a senior on the women's soccer team which is now 12-5-1.

Amy Caldwell is a senior on the women's soccer team which is now 12-5-1.

Nov. 3, 2010

Chestnut Hill, MA - Amy Caldwell is a senior midfielder on the women's soccer team. Caldwell has scored four goals and has seven assists for a career-high 15 points. A native of Braintree, MA, Caldwell will graduate in May with a degree from the Lynch School of Education. The Eagles are currently No. in the country and 12-5-1 for the season.

You are one of six seniors on this year's squad. Talk about the last four years and what role you play on this team.

The last four years have been such a great experience for me. My teammates are my best friends and I love having the opportunity to play with them. As a senior I feel like I have a bigger leadership role then in the past, as everyone always looks up to the upper classmen.

Looking ahead to the ACC Tournament, it's Virginia and you know it's always a close game. Talk about the team morale going into this game.

I know I am very excited about playing UVA, and I think the rest of the team feels the same. It has tended to go back and forth between us (BC-UVA) the last couple of years. We know to expect a tough game. Our first loss this season was against Virginia, and we were upset after the game. We walked away feeling we should have won. This makes us all incredibly eager to go out and get some revenge.

The team has had a great start - what are some of the things you need to improve on to get to reach the team goals?

I think we went through a couple games where we weren't playing as good as we know we were capable of playing. However, I think we are back to playing "BC Soccer" which is very important going into post season. We just have to work on getting back to scoring early on in games, which will definitely help us reach our goal of making it to the final four.

Team defense has been solid this season can you talk a little about the back line?

Ever since I was a freshman at BC our backline has been amazing. This year all four defenders who have been playing along with Jill (Mastroianni) in goal have never let us down. They have been leaders on the field giving 100% of their effort every game, and we couldn't ask anything more of them.

I know your brother players for No. 2 ranked Akron. Do you talk to him about what is going on with your teams?

Not really. We follow each other's games; however, we don't talk specifically about what goes on. We always wish each other good luck before each game and hope we each have as much success as possible.

Looking back on the last four years, did you ever think you would be a part of a program that possibly advanced to the NCAA Tournament four consecutive season, the Sweet 16 twice and an Elite 8. Did you know it was possible when you entered with your fellow seniors?

It was always a dream of mine growing up to be part of such a high-ranked program, with the ultimate goal of making it to the final four. Coming in I knew it would be a challenge but each year we seem to be getting better and better. As a senior class we all believe this could be the year!

What are you goals or ambitions after graduation?

I have always wanted to move out to San Diego, California after graduating from college. I have lived in the Boston area my whole life so I think it would be a great experience to move away for a couple of years. Later on I hope to be an elementary school teacher.

Will you continue to play soccer?

I couldn't imagine what it would be like to not play soccer anymore, as I've been playing it my whole life. However, I do not plan on playing as competitively as I do now, but rather join some league for fun wherever I end up living.

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