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Q&A with Women's Soccer Goalie Alexa Gaul

Alexa Gaul

Alexa Gaul

Sept. 24, 2012

Chestnut Hill, MA -

Alexa Gaul is a transfer student from the University of Texas and the starting goalie for this year's women's soccer team. Gaul, a native of Naperville, IL, is a Human Development major in the Lynch School of Education and has started in goal in every game of the 2012 season for the Eagles, defending them to their 8-1-2 start. Gaul took some time out this week to give a mid-season report and talk about her transition to life at BC.

First of all, welcome to BC. How has your first semester started? Do you notice a difference from life at the University of Texas?

I loved BC right off the bat. Transitioning-wise it was easier because I've known Kristie (Mewis) and Vicki (DiMartino) for a while from other soccer things. Gibby (Wagner) and I knew each other from soccer too. Knowing people already helped me transition quickly and mold into the team more easily. There is a huge difference between being at the University of Texas and being here. At Texas there's somewhere around 50,000 people and here there's 9,000 or 10,000 - just the amount of people is a huge difference. I've really enjoyed the feel of a smaller school. I get to see more people every day that I know which is nice. At Texas I barely saw people I knew walking to class or walking around campus. Everything is good so far. My classes are good - I have class with a lot of my teammates so that makes it a lot of fun.

Last week you went on your first ACC road trip. The two-game trip started with a 2-0 loss against Wake Forest but ended with a 2-1 comeback win against Virginia Tech. Can you talk a little bit about the trip and those two games?

The trip was really good. We were in North Carolina first but like you said, unfortunately we played in our first loss of the season. Wake Forest had really good forward (Katie Stengel). Give all the credit to her. Her finishes were good. We just didn't capitalize on our chances. We were disappointed, but we realized we needed to focus and watch film and figure things out and be ready for Sunday. We went to Virginia from there, and in the first half of the game (against Virginia Tech) we went down a goal, but we ended up scoring two goals in the second half to come back and win. We learned from the mistakes we made at Wake and in the first half of the Tech game, and we were able to capitalize on our opportunities and get the win.

From your view between the goal posts, how do you feel like the season is going?

I've enjoyed my time so far here at BC. Our team chemistry is really great and so far it has shown on the field. We're 8-1-2 and we're doing really well as a team. Now it's the middle of the season and ACC games are really tough but I think we can handle it. Coach holds us to a high standard and expects a lot from us. We're all committed to the goal and to staying focus and doing the little things, so if we can keep doing that, we will be successful.

What is it like to defend the goal for some of the best women's soccer players in the country on such a highly ranked team?

It's awesome. In my three years at Texas I was never ranked in the top ten so this is a cool feeling. Playing amongst some of the best players in the country is great. They give me confidence and make me want to defend better and play better.

How are you enjoying playing for Coach Alison Foley?

I love it. I'm having so much fun. Like I said before, Coach holds us to a very high standard, and because of that you really don't want to let her down. Every day at practice and at games we want to work as hard as we can and do the best that we can to reach that standard. We set goals with her individually and as a team and we all really want to accomplish every one of them. I love it though. Coach Foley is really knowledgeable and has taught me a lot. It's been great.

The team has been extremely successful recently, reaching the NCAA Tournament in each season since 2003. How do you think you as a group can end this season with a tenth consecutive NCAA Tournament appearance?

If we can learn from every game and fix our mistakes by watching film and making adjustments we will be successful. We have to go out every day and be better in the next day's practice. That's what it's going to take. Staying focused is the most important thing. We're doing great so far, we just need to keep the momentum going and be better every single day and we'll definitely reach the NCAA tournament and hopefully win a national championship.

What's your favorite part about BC so far?

I really love my teammates. They're awesome and they make me laugh every single day. We get along really well. We're a close-knit group so every day whether it's at practice, during a game, or just in class it's a fun day.

Do you have any plans for next year and beyond?

I'll be here next year as a volunteer coach because school-wise I'm still a junior. After that I want to continue to play overseas professionally and we will see what happens from there.

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