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Rowing Novice Eight Earns Second at Foot of Charles

Nov. 18, 2013

Chestnut Hill, Mass.- The Boston College rowing team competed at the annual Foot of the Charles, racing seven boats on Saturday, Nov. 16 on the team’s home course, the Charles River, to close out the fall season for BC.

The BC freshmen showed tremendous speed and depth in the Freshmen/Novice Eight Event. The “A” boat finished second behind Radcliffe, and the “B” boat placed fifth. Both freshmen eights finished with the best times Boston College has ever rowed at this event, 13:15.9 and 13:46.0.

The Eagles Varsity Fours all raced well in the most challenging event of the day. The “A” boat placed 16th with a time of 14:47.9.  The “B” and “C” boat finished 19th and 20th, only two seconds apart with times of 14:51.5 and 14:53.5. The “D” boat finished 26th with a time of 15:06.0.

The third Varsity Eight was the last event of the day. The boat consisted of mainly freshmen led by senior Alexis Carriere and junior Maclaine Sisco. They finished sixth with a time of 15:12.6.

The entire Boston College team made great strides this fall and looks forward to racing in the Spring.

View the entire listing of results from Foot of the Charles here.

Boston College Boats

Varsity Four A

Coxswain: Kelly McElduff, stroke: Chelsea Robin, 3: Alicia McKean, 2: Rachel Hess, Bow: Megan Carney

Varsity Four B

Coxswain: Kaitlyn Votta, stroke: Jane Aulenback, 3: Emma Metzger, 2: Margaret Hanlon, Bow: Jennifer Frese

Varsity Four C

Coxswain: Kylie Hasegawa, stroke: Caroline Henry, 3: Haley Clarke, 2: Michaela Jaffe, Bow: Karen Shu

Varsity Four D

Coxswain: Meghan Bailey, stroke: Kaitlin Campbell, 3: Maclaine Sisco, 2: Shannon Healey, Bow: Catherine Goldberg

Freshmen/Novice Eight A

Coxswain: Anna Tenzinger, stroke: Gabrielle Dell'Aquilo, 7: Makenzy Brown, 6: Grace Grunau, 5: Kylie O'Connor, 4:Amanda Jenkins, 3: Christina Fallon, 2: Morgan Rann, Bow: Caitlin Yaccarino

Freshmen/Novice Eight B

Coxswain: Kate O'Kelly-Lynch, stroke: Clare McIntee, Mary Kate Cahill, 6: Allison Lee, 5: Ellen Hill, 4: Claire Mason, 3: Marisa Marshalka, 2: Fiona Kelly, Bow: Caitlin Power

Third Varsity Eight A

Coxswain: Erika Charnley, stroke: Morgan Daugherty, 7: Maclaine Sisco, 6: Alexis Carriere, 5: Jennie Steyaert, 4:Bridgid Lawlor, 3: Jennifer O'Donnell, 2: Anna Peaslee Bow: Jillian Valpey

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