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Rowing to Partake in the Princeton Chase on Sunday

Oct. 26, 2012

Princeton Chase Schedule/Results and Map

The Boston College women's rowing team returns to Lake Carnegie in Princeton, N.J. for the Princeton 3-Mile Chase for the first time since 2008 on Sunday.

The Eagles will compete in four events - the women's varsity eight, the women's single, the women's double, and the women's varsity four.

Racing begins for BC at 11:00 a.m. with three crews rowing in the women's varsity eight. From there, senior Jennifer Johnson will compete in her second race of the day in the women's single at 2:30 p.m. while senior Victoria Greco and sophomore Kaitlin Campbell return to action with the women's double also at 2:30 p.m. The Eagles conclude their day with the women's varsity four at 3:00 p.m. with four BC entries partaking in the last race of the day.

After the Princeton Chase, head coach Steve Fiske and the Eagles next compete at the Green Monster Regatta in Hanover, N.H. on Nov. 3.

Boston College Boats:

Varsity 8, BC A
Coxswain: Kelly McElduff, Stroke: Emma Metzger, 7: Nicole Frederick, 6: Ellen Burr, 5: Sarah Loiselle, 4: Jennifer Johnson, 3: Katie Casebeer, 2: Margaret Hanlon, Bow: Rachel Hess.

Second Varsity 8, BC B
Coxswain: Kaitlyn Votta, Stroke: Wylie Wilson, 7: Tori Greco, 6: Chelsea Robin, 5: Kaitlin Campbell, 4: Erica Jennings, 3: Megan Clarke, 2: Regina Hayburn, Bow: Ellen Keenan.

Third Varsity Eight, BC C
Coxswain: Victoria Goetz, 7: Stephanie Ragland, 6: Alyssa Rizzini, 5: Jennifer Frese, 4: Caroline Kirkwood, 3: Shannon Healey, 2: Alicia McKean, Bow: Alexis Carriere.

Women's Double (2X)
Stroke: Kaitlin Campbell, Bow: Victoria Greco.

Women's Single (1X)
Jennifer Johnson.

Varsity Four, BC A
Coxswain: Lauren Beebe, Stroke: Emma Metzger, 3: Nicole Frederick, 2: Ellen Burr, Bow: Rachel Hess.

Varsity Four, BC B
Coxswain: Kaitlyn Votta, Stroke: Margaret Hanlon, 3: Sarah Loiselle, 2: Ellen Keenan, Bow: Katie Casebeer.

Varsity Four, BC C
Coxswain: Shea Matthews, Stroke: Megan Conway, 3: Melissa Chavez, 2: Meghan Bailey, Bow: Karen Campbell.

Varsity Four, BC D
Coxswain: Kelly McElduff, Stroke: Jillian Marshall, 3: Maclaine Sisco, 2: Karen Shu, Bow: Katelyn Olsson.

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