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Rowing's Burr Continues to Showcase European Tour

Junior Ellen Burr

Junior Ellen Burr

June 17, 2013


The Boston College rowing team is on an overseas tour, competing in international races in Switzerland and England. Junior Ellen Burr gives a first-hand account of the second half of the Eagles' trip in Switzerland.

Following an outstanding performance at the Swiss National Championship Regatta, we prepared for the first "rest day" of the trip. However, as expected from such an ambitious crew, the day was far from restful. We were determined to explore as much of the spectacular country as possible, bringing us to Bellinzona, a small city along the coast of Switzerland and Italy.

The train ride to the city was an unbelievable experience in itself, passing through several quaint Swiss villages nestled in the valleys between the towering Alps. Upon reaching Bellinzona, we immediately made our way to one of many castles in the Swiss-Italian town - the views provided at the top of the castle towers were unbelievable. We concluded the day trip by consuming some of the most incredible pizza. One thing is for sure - Domino's will never again be satisfactory!

The rest of our week in Switzerland was spent exploring in the nearby cities of Zurich and Bern, hiking through the Alps and rowing on some of the most beautiful waterways in the world.

The final day in the country began with a hike up the glorious Mount Pilatus, one of the highest points in the area. The hike was unexpectedly long and taxing, but we were rewarded with a view that was truly awe-inspiring. It felt as if I was on the very top of the world with the delicately frosted peaks of the surrounding mountain range extending out as far as the eye could see.

Upon completing their hike of Pilatus, we headed to the Rotsee for the final practice in Switzerland. The Rotsee has been the home of numerous world championships, the water graced by the most incredible athletes known to the sport. The body of water is appropriately nicknamed "The Lake of the Gods." It truly is a heavenly gift to the sport of rowing. It is not only the perfect length and width for a race, but it is also completely calm, sheltered by the surrounding hills. Rowers from all over the world dream about rowing on this infamous lake, and we Eagles were truly blessed to have had this opportunity. Many of the girls claimed that it was the best row of their lives, a truly existential experience.

I know I speak for the whole team by saying that it will be very difficult to leave Switzerland - the country, the waterways, and especially the people we have met on our trip, will be sorely missed. The hospitality provided to us by the Thalwil Ruderclub and our host families is unmatched. So, as the team bids Switzerland and its incredible people farewell, we look forward to the next stop on our tour of Europe - watch out England, because these Eagles are on the warpath!

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