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Rowing Set for Knecht Cup

April 11, 2014

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass.- Boston College rowing heads to the Cooper River in Camden, N.J., to compete for the Knecht Cup on Saturday and Sunday, April 12-13.

The Eagles will race in six events: the Varsity Eight which has 26 entries, the Second Varsity Eight which has 25 entries, the Varsity Four which has 22 entries, the Second Varsity Four which has 15 entries, the Third Varsity Eight which has 10 entries, and the Freshmen/Novice Eight which has 24 entries. 

The Varsity Eight, Second Varsity Eight, Varsity Four, and Freshmen/Novice Eight will have heats and semi-finals on Saturday, and the final on Sunday.  The Second Varsity Four, and Third Varsity Eight will have heats on Saturday and the final on Sunday.

Schedule of Events for BC Women’s Entries


7:49-8:10 AM Women’s Varsity Four Heats

8:31-8:45 AM Women’s Second Varsity Four Heats

10:44-11:12 AM Women’s Varsity Eight Heats

11:47-12:08 PM Women’s Second Varsity Eight Heats

12:50-1:11 PM Women’s Freshmen/Novice Eight Heats

1:39-1:53 PM Women’s Varsity Four Semi-Finals

3:38-3:52 PM Women’s Second Varsity Eight Semi-Finals

3:59-4:13 PM Women’s Varsity Eight Semi-Finals

4:41-4:55 PM Women’s Freshmen/Novice Eight Semi-Finals

5:44-5:51 PM Women’s Third Varsity Eight Heats


9:10 AM Women’s Second Varsity Four Final

9:20-9:40 AM Women’s Varsity Four Finals

11:50-12:00 PM Women’s Freshmen/Novice Eight Finals

12:10 PM Women’s Third Varsity Eight Final

12:50-1:10 PM Women’s Second Varsity Eight Finals

2:30-2:50 PM Women’s Varsity Eight Finals

Varsity Eight

Coxswain: Kelly McElduff, stroke: Jane Aulenback, 7: Chelsea Robin, 6: Ellen Burr, 5:Kylie O’Connor, 4: Alicia McKean, , 3: Erin Anderson, 2: Grace Grunau , bow: Alycia Da'Loia-Moore 

Second Varsity Eight

Coxswain: Kate Votta, stroke: Maggie Hanlon, 7: Emma Metzger, 6: Maclaine Sisco, 5: Makenzy Brown, 4: Megan Carney, 3: Rachel Hess, 2: Gabby Dell'Aquilo, bow: Caitlin Yaccarino

Varsity Four

Coxswain: Anna Tenzinger, stroke: Caroline Henry, 3: Shannon Healey, 2: Michaela Jaffe , bow: Clare McIntee

Second Varsity Four

Coxswain: Kylie Hasegawa, stroke: Megan Conway, 3: Morgan Rann, 2: Catherine Goldberg, bow: Amanda Jenkins

Third Varsity Eight

Coxswain: Meg Bailey, stroke: Mary Kate Cahill, 7: Emily Quaglia, 6: Katie Casebeer , 5: Kaitlin Campbell , 4: Jennifer Frese, 3: Haley Clarke, 2: Karen Shu, bow: Fiona Kelly

Freshmen/Novice Eight

Coxswain: Kate O’Kelly-Lynch, stroke: Morgan Daugherty, 7: Christina Fallon, 6: Marisa Marshalka, 5: Claire Mason, 4: Ellie Hill, 3: Jillian Valpey, 2: Caitlin Power, bow: Jen Steyaert


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