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Rowing Concludes Racing against BU, URI, MIT

BC's Second Varsity Eight came in second in its event.

BC's Second Varsity Eight came in second in its event.

April 27, 2013

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Boston College's Novice Eight took first place in the Third Varsity Eight event to highlight a morning of racing against Boston University, MIT, and the University of Rhode Island on Saturday on the Charles River in Boston, Mass.

The Novice Eight finished in first with a time of 7:19.3 just ahead of URI's Third Varsity Eight which came in with a time of 7:21.1. BC's Third Varsity Eight came in third in the event with a time of 7:29.9

The Eagles' Second Varsity Eight crossed the finish line in second in its event with a time of 6:55.8. BU's entry in the race won with a time of 6:50.5.

BC's Varsity Four "A" came in third of its event as did the Varsity Eight and the Varsity Four "B". The Varsity Four "C" finished fourth in the Varsity Four "B" event.

Boston College continues racing this weekend with The Beanpot tomorrow morning on the Charles.

Boston College Schedule/Results:

7:12 a.m. - Third Varsity Eight/Novice Eight - N8 (First, 7:19.3); 3V8 (Third (7:29.9)
7:48 a.m. - Varsity Four "B" - "B" (Third, 7:55.5); "C" (Fourth, 8:49.3)
8:24 a.m. - Varsity Four "A" - Third (7:51.1)
9:00 a.m. - Second Varsity Eight - Second (6:55.8)
9:36 a.m. - Varsity Eight - Third (6:46.2)

Boston College Boat Lineups

Varsity Eight:
Coxswain: Kelly McElduff , stroke: Ellen Burr, 7: Nicole Frederick, 6: Margaret Hanlon, 5: Wylie Wilson, 4: Jennifer Johnson, 3:Katie Casebeer, 2: Emma Metzger, bow: Sarah Loiselle.

Second Varsity Eight:
Coxswain: Kaitlyn Votta, stroke: Alyssa Rizzini, 7: Chelsea Robin, 6: Megan Carney, 5: Stephanie Ragland, 4: Alicia McKean, 3: Erica Jennings, 2: Victoria Greco, bow: Rachel Hess.

Varsity Four:
Coxswain: Lauren Beebe, stroke: Katie Ewell, 3: Jane Aulenback, 2: Jennifer Frese bow: Caroline Kirkwood.

Second Varsity Four :
Coxswain: Justine Yunakov, stroke: Chelsey Frost, 3: Michaela Jaffe, 2: Kaitlin Campbell, bow: Karen Shu.

Third Varsity Four (Racing in Second Varsity Four Event):
Coxswain: Kayla Oak, stroke: Caroline Mitton, 3: Olivia Guyon, 2: Abby Oliveira, bow: Katelyn Olsson.

Third Varsity Eight
Coxswain: Shealyn Mathews, stroke: Megan Conway, 7: Maclaine Sisco, 6: Alexis Carriere, 5: Victoria Goetz, 4: Jillian Bungard, 3:Melissa Chavez, 2: Shannon Healey, bow: Ellen Keenan.

Freshmen/Novice Eight:
Coxswain: Kylie Hasegawa, stroke: Caroline Henry, 7: Alexandra Root, 6: Alexis Hawkins, 5: Catherine Goldberg, 4: Anne LaGatta, 3: Meghan Dens, 2: Megan Cronquist, bow: Haley Clarke.

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