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Rowing Finds Success at Knecht Cup

Several members of the BC Second Varsity Four boats

Several members of the BC Second Varsity Four boats

April 15, 2012

Full Results

CAMDEN, N.J. - Boston College rowing competed in the Finals of the Knecht Cup Regatta in Camden, N.J. on Sunday, April 15.

"Every single boat raced extremely hard this weekend," assistant coach Amy Weatherby said. "We are proud that eight of our crews had the opportunity to compete against other talented athletes in the Grand Finals."

The Second Varsity Eight had a great sprint to earn bronze, behind Bucknell and Duke.

In a final that included three Eagle boats, the BC Second Varsity Four A finished second to take the silver medal, with the BC C and B boats not far behind in fourth and fifth place, respectively.

The Varsity Eight faced the fastest competition of the day and raced hard the whole way down the course for a fifth place finish. Earlier in the day, some members from the Varsity Eight and Second Varsity Eight rowed two quads in the Varsity Quad event and won gold and bronze medals.

The Freshmen Eight rowed a strong race and came in fifth ahead of North Carolina. The Varsity Four raced against tough competition in the Petite Final and came in fifth ahead of UNH.

BC Boat Lineups
Varsity Eight: coxswain Kelly McElduff; stroke Erin Roche; 7-seat Nicole Frederick; 6-seat Jennifer Johnson; 5-seat Emily Charnowski; 4-seat Ellen Burr; 3-seat Erica Jennings; 2-seat Emma Metzger; bow Sarah Loiselle

Second Varsity Eight: coxswain Lauren Beebe; stroke Victoria Goetz; 7-seat Regina Hayburn; 6-seat Maggie Hanlon; 5-seat Kaitlin Campbell; 4-seat Megan Clarke; 3-seat Katie Casebeer; 2-seat Ellen Keenan; bow Rachel Hess

Varsity Four: stroke Stephanie Ragland; 3-seat Maclaine Sisco; 2-seat Shannon Healey; bow Caroline Kirkwood

Freshmen Eight: stroke Chelsea Robin; 7-seat Alyssa Rizzini; 6-seat Grace Olscamp; 5-seat Nicaela Chinnaswamy; 4-seat Jenny Frese; 3-seat Christina Murray; 2-seat Meg Bailey; bow Wylie Wilson

Second Varsity Four A: coxswain Shea Mathews; stroke Megan Conway; 3-seat Melissa Chavez; 2-seat Alexis Carriere; bow Rachel Pettis

Second Varsity Four B: coxswain Lauren Beebe; stroke Karen Shu; 3-seat Karen Campbell; 2-seat Jill Bungard; bow Abby Oliveira

Second Varsity Four C: coxswain Kelly McElduff; stroke Katelyn Olsson; 3-seat Caroline Mitton; 2-seat Alicia McKean; bow Caroline Suttlehan

Varsity Quad A: stroke Nicole Frederick; 3-seat Jennifer Johnson; 2-seat Kaitlin Campbell; bow Erin Roche

Varsity Quad B: stroke Regina Hayburn; 3-seat Emma Metzger; 2-seat Erica Jennings; bow Emily Charnowski

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