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Women's Ice Hockey's Michelle Lombardi Highlights Strengths Of Young Team

Lombardi has registered one goal and three assists this season

Lombardi has registered one goal and three assists this season

Nov. 30, 2006

Senior forward and co-captain Michelle Lombardi has helped lead the Eagles to a 10-2-1, 5-1-0 record and a share of second place in the Hockey East standings. Lombardi registered her third assist of the season in a victory over Wayne State on Saturday. Lombardi and the Eagles will host Connecticut on Saturday, December 2 at 2 p.m.

This is a big weekend coming up for the team, with a home game against Connecticut on Saturday, and another on Sunday in Providence against the Friars. How will you and the team be preparing for these games?

We've had a really good week in practice, so I think we're looking to keep doing what we're doing and continue playing BC hockey. We're definitely ready to play UConn again; we just played them a couple of weeks ago. We had a great game against them, so our game plan really doesn't change much. Coach has us doing a lot of cycling stuff and moving the puck more quickly on the breakout. We can really cycle against these two teams and we're a lot quicker that they are, too, so that can really work to our benefit.

The team is 10-2-1 on the year. How does this record compare with your preseason expectations?

I had really high expectations coming into the season and we're definitely living up to them, but we can still improve and still get better at a lot of things and I think everyone knows that. Yes, our record is great, but we're still looking to get better and win more games. I think as a team we can move the puck more quickly. We can play better in our defensive end. I think we can only go up from here.

As a co-captain with Deb Spillane, what are your responsibilities in leading the team?

I think Deb and I both try to lead by example as much as we can. We have a young team, but so far that hasn't hurt us at all, so that really isn't an issue. I just try to lead by example and take leadership roles out on the ice and in the locker room.

There are only two seniors on this year's team, you included. What is it like to play on a team with a lot of youth and how does this youth help/hurt the team?

I don't think it hurts us at all. At first it's hard, because they're all adjusting because they're just freshmen and still getting used to what it's like to be in college. Now, we're halfway through the season and I think they've all adjusted well. It's fun being one of the oldest on the team because you have a lot of people looking up to you. Our younger kids keep it fun, too, so it's good.

What should fans know about the seven freshmen on the team?

They like to have fun a lot off the ice. They're great in the locker room. Every single one of them can give it out and take it just as easily. They're just a lot of fun.

Molly Schaus made 50 saves this weekend in the UNH Tournament and was named Mission Rookie of the Month for October. Talk about the freshman goaltender.

Molly's unbelievable. She means so much to this team coming in as a freshman and being able to step in right away. We obviously rely on her a ton. She gets a lot of shots, but she's making all the saves. Just to be able to come in as a freshman and step in right away is unbelievable. She's a great person, too, so it's even better.

What is it like to have two former teammates as assistant coaches (Alison Quandt '06, Sarah Carlson '05)?

It's great. They're both former captains and they're awesome. They're teaching us all a lot and just to have them here, people who were my friends when they were on the team, and now to have them still be around is great. They're great people, great leaders. I've learned a lot from them, so it's great to still have them around, so I can keep learning more from them.

How would you describe the coaching styles of Head Coach Tom Mutch and Assistant Coach Katie King?

They're the best combination of coaches around. Coach Mutch doesn't let down, he likes to get in your face, and he's not going to go easy on you. Coach King is great because she's someone that we all trust and we know we can go and talk to. It's definitely great having someone with her level of experience to be able to guide you. You know that when she gives you a pointer, she knows what she's talking about, so you really trust her advice. She is one the smartest people, too, and knows so much about the game, so you ask her anything and she'll help you out. Both of them together, it's a great pair.

When you're not skating, what do you do for fun?

I like to play golf. I haven't gotten to play since the summer, but I played a lot over the summer.

This is your final season with the Eagles. What has been the best part about playing here at BC?

My teammates -- I've made some of my best friends just playing on this team. We have some of the best girls. I think that has been the best part about playing on this team

Do you have any ideas about what may lie ahead for you after BC?

I'm a finance major, so I don't know yet - not trying to worry about that yet.

Interview conducted by Geoffrey Kehlmann

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