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Celebrating Conte Forum's Anniversary: In Their Own Words

Feb. 21, 2014

To mark the 25th anniversary of Conte Forum, former student-athletes retell their favorite memories on the court and ice.

Alison Quandt is a 2006 graduate of Boston College. She currently works in the athletic department and serves as one of the assistant coaches for the women’s ice hockey program. As a senior at BC, Quandt played in 28 games and racked up over 1660 minutes in goal for the Eagles. She finished the season with a 17-8-2 mark while breaking several BC records, including best goals-against average in a season (2.17) and career (2.83). Quandt also sits third in the record book for career saves with 1, 485.

“As a hockey player, Conte is really home.  Everything goes on for us under this roof: treatment in the training room, joking with teammates in the locker room, workouts in the weight room, practice, and games.  The memories I have of Conte are shaped by some of the unbelievable people I met while I was a student-athlete.  Nancy Gillis, Sarah Courtney, Michelle Lombardi and I remain great friends to this day and I vividly remember jokes we played on our strength coach, Russ DeRosa, during summer workouts.  Sidesplitting laughter ensued for everyone (Russ included).  He was a guy who made us better athletes because he cared about us and is without a doubt one of the reasons the program is where it is today.

“On the ice, my favorite memory in Conte was definitely beating UNH for the first time in our building.  It was a tight game all the way to the end with a 3-2 victory.  ‘TP’ (Tom Peters) our devoted sport administrator was possibly the most excited person in the building.  He always watches from the home tunnel next to the scorer’s box and as we celebrated the victory near the blue line, you could see TP standing on the dasher by the tunnel shaking and pounding on the glass.  Here’s a guy in a jacket and tie going berserk because he is so excited for our program to have reached another milestone. 

“There are always people around when you are having success, but you really remember who was around when the program was growing, and it might not have been as glamorous.  It’s pretty special to see the program in the hunt for the national championship and know that you and your teammates had a hand in laying the foundation.”

Any former student-athletes who wish to share a special memory of Conte Forum please contact Athletics Communications Assistant Dominique Oliveto. (617-552-1188)


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