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W. Golf's Yim Grew Up on the Course

Senior Eunice Yim

Senior Eunice Yim

April 23, 2012

For Eunice Yim, golf runs in the family.

The senior captain of Boston College's women's golf team has been playing the sport her whole life and comes from a family that would turn its Thanksgivings into family golf tournaments. She started playing competitively at 11 years old and would either hit the course or the driving range every day to play or train in her native California.

"It's a huge part of my family," Yim said. "My mom plays, my dad plays.That's what we do. I don't know what I would do if I didn't play golf."

All of Yim's cousins play golf, and one of her older cousins, Alice Kim, went to Northwestern on a full golf scholarship before qualifying for the LPGA U.S. Open. Growing up and learning her sport in such a competitive and talented environment prepared Yim for the collegiate game.

As a freshman, Yim started her career strong by placing first in the Lehigh Invitational. As a sophomore, she walked away with a first-place finish in the Dartmouth Invitational and also became the first BC women's golfer to make the All-ACC first team.

While she hasn't had the same level of success since, Yim has still been thriving on the course and in the classroom. She's played in every tournament BC has gone to during her four years and has routinely turned in a low score. The communication and psychology double major also earned All-ACC Academic team honors three years in a row and is likely to earn the honor this year as well.

More importantly, in her mind, is that she's become more relaxed and has learned to enjoy golf more.

"Usually, I'm really uptight about golf," Yim said. "But this year, I enjoyed it more. Especially at my last tournament [the ACC Championships], I was playing badly but I was having the most fun because it was my last tournament and I wanted to have fun with it."

As a captain, she was also able to help the next generation of BC golfers. Her experience with playing under pressure, from the time she spent travelling the country for golf growing up to playing in BC's bigger tournaments, made her an invaluable resource to her teammates.

And one of the most rewarding things about this season, Yim said, was seeing the team playing better as a unit.

"It was just a better season because it was more of a team effort," she explained. "Everyone contributed to playing well. It wasn't the same people playing well all the time. Everyone was always playing well and it was just good. We had a great season and we improved a lot."

Two talented freshmen, Katia Joo and Cristina McQuiston, stood out in Yim's mind. They have a chance, she said, to put up the kind of results she did when she was their age and help usher in a new era of BC golf.

"They kind of lead the team, I think, because they were always scoring low, keeping it together and always on the top when they were playing," Yim said.

In the end, Yim doesn't have the pro ambitions of some of her cousins. She's in the middle of looking for a job in a communications-related field and hopes to have something secured by the time she graduates.

But, of course, she'll never give up golf. After all, it runs in her blood and she'll probably find herself playing in one of those Thanksgiving tournaments soon enough.

"I always will play golf," Yim said. "It's a great sport. I'm so glad I played it."

Written by Jen Dobias

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