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Field Hockey's Bronwen Kelly Excited to Face Tar Heels

Kelly has led the Eagles to a 7-3 mark

Kelly has led the Eagles to a 7-3 mark

Oct. 6, 2005

Field hockey's Bronwen Kelly, a senior captain, leads the No. 17 field hockey team against fifth-ranked North Carolina on Saturday at 1 p.m. In her senior season in Chestnut Hill, Kelly hopes to send the Eagles (7-3, 1-2) to their third-consecutive NCAA postseason appearance.

Q: With a 7-3 overall record and 1-2 ACC mark, what has pleasantly surprised you about this team?

A: We have been consistently working hard every day. Looking back at the Maryland game, our first ACC game, we showed no fear. That's just the best quality that we can bring. We know that we deserve to be there.

Q: What have been the biggest adjustments to playing in the ACC this season?

A: Obviously the traveling is a little bit different. The speed of the game and the intensity that they play at is very high. We have the capability to play at that level, but the speed and intensity is an adjustment.

Q: Looking down the road, you play at fifth-ranked North Carolina this Saturday. What's the team's mindset heading into this weekend's ACC clash at Chapel Hill?

A: We always go into every game with the same mindset. We have things that we are working on and things that we are working towards. So, we are just going to try and play BC field hockey against them.

Q: The field hockey team now plays at its new field on the Newton Campus. What's your reaction to the new facility?

A: It's been awesome. Obviously, our new facility here is so great. It's wet turf, which is something that we have never had before. It makes it so much better to play on because the ball goes that much faster. I think it really helps the program go to the next level. You get a lot of alumni and what not who are really wowed by how the BC field hockey program is stepping up.

Q: Aside from playing on a new, state-of-the-art field, you're playing for a new coach in Ainslee Lamb. What do you enjoy most about playing for Coach Lamb?

A: I really enjoy her creativity and her imagination. Both she and [assistant coach] Andrew [Griffiths] just love the game more than anybody I have ever met. They love the game.

Q: What will it take for your team to capture its third-consecutive NCAA postseason bid?

A: That's a little bit out of your hands because of the strength of schedule. We just have to keep on playing hard and win as many games as we can. We need to prove that we can go to another NCAA tournament.

Q: Looking back at your four years at Boston College, you've been a part of one Big East Championship and two NCAA appearances. Where do you hope to see this team one month from now?

A: I think the team is already heading into a way different direction. It's so cool that we get to play the top four schools, all being from within our conference. I think that when you leave a program, it's a really nice feeling to know that you've got the facilties and the coaches and you are leaving teammates that you know are going to keep it going. I know that those young kids are going to take it to the next step.

Q: Having played on various Canadian national squads before arriving at Boston College, what are the differences you have noticed between playing in Canada and the United States?

A: International hockey has always been very fast-paced. There aren't too many differences other than the facilities in the United States and opportunities to play here. In Ontario, one of the biggest provinces, there are only two turfs. Universities don't necessarily have a facility - if they have a field, then all the different sports play on that one field. The funding is different because there aren't any athletic scholarships [in Canada]. College sports are not as big of a deal there.

Q: When you're away from the field, how do you enjoy spending your free time?

A: I like playing hockey and soccer, and just like any normal kid, I like hanging out with my friends.

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