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Women's Fencing

Fencing represents BC in the US Collegiate Squad Championships

BC Fencing at U Penn

BC Fencing at U Penn

Feb. 23, 2014

Women's epee led the way Sunday as BC's men's and women's fencing team competed at the U.S. Collegiate Squad Championships, hosted by the University of Pennsylvania at Coach Dave Micahnik Fencing Center. The Eagles claimed bronze in that women's epee, with Cara Hall, Olivia Adragna, and Renee Bichette.

Twelve teams participated in the event, some fencing in just a few weapons. BC women competed in all three and the men's squad was represented well by the foils.

The BC men's foil finished fourth with the help of Graap, Lee, Siy, and Wetzel.

Women's sabre and foil faced tough competition all day, both finishing in last place against the best of the Ivy League.

Eagles are at Wellesley College for the Northeast Regional Championships on March 9th.

U.S. Collegiate Squad Championships

Feb. 23, Philadelphia, Pa.

Women's Sabre: 1. Princeton; 2. UNC; 3. Temple; 4. Yale; 5. Pennsylvania; 6. NYU; 7. Fairleigh Dickinson; 8. Boston College

Women's Foil: 1. Princeton; 2. Pennsylvania; 3. Brandeis; 4. UNC; 5. NYU; 6. Yale; 7. Fairleigh Dickinson; 8. Stevens Tech; 9. Boston College

Women's Epee: 1. Princeton; 2. Pennsylvania; 3. Boston College; 4. NYU; 5. Yale; 6. Haverford; 7. UNC; 8. Vassar

Men's Sabre: 1. Pennsylvania; 2. Princeton; 3. Brandeis; 4. UNC; 5. Yale; 6. NYU; 7. Vassar

Men's Foil: 1. Princeton; 2. Pennsylvania; 3. Brandeis; 4. Boston College; 5. Yale; 6. UNC; 7. NYU; 8. Haverford

Men's Epee: 1. Ohio State; 2. Pennsylvania; 3. Princeton; 4. Yale; 5. Stevens Tech; 6. UNC; 7. NYU

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