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Q&A with Jaclyn Thoman

Jaclyn Thoman

Jaclyn Thoman

July 21, 2010

Jaclyn Thoman

A senior guard at Boston College, Thoman has chosen to remain at the Heights during the summer along with teammate Stefanie Murphy. A native of Colorado, Thoman is a three-year starter and averages 7.8 points and 4.1 assists a game.

How is your final summer at Boston College going?

My final summer has been a lot of fun and a lot of work. It has been one of the most difficult summer sessions so far, especially when it comes to school. I took Intermediate Spanish to fulfill a requirement and it was four nights a week for three hours. I also have a job at an ice cream parlor and working an internship on campus for four hours a day. On top of all that I am swamped with homework and still have to get in my lift and run in the morning with our trainer, Tom. The team has been playing pickup and I have been doing some extra work on my own time. Don't get me wrong though, I wouldn't change it, I enjoy staying busy and having my days completely full.

Is this summer different than when you arrived as a freshman and how?

This summer is a lot different. We have four returning and seven new players on the team. So it is a lot of teaching on my part and quick learning on everyone else's. It's almost as if the roles have switched. My freshman year we had six girls come in and we were the group learning, but now we are more of the leaders.

Other than working out and taking classes, what else have you added to your daily schedule?

I have worked basketball camps, football camps, hold a job at the ice cream parlor right near campus plus I added an internship (working with 3rd grade kids), and community service with my teammates.

When you are not in class, working out or at work, have you done anything fun in your spare time?

Well, I've been to Montreal with some girls on the ice hockey team for a weekend, which was amazing and completely different than Boston. I went to Penn State with my teammate (Stefanie) Murph to visit one of our old teammates. Our Director of Operations - Quintana Ward - does an amazing job with keeping us happy so a few of us took her out for her birthday to celebrate. A bunch of us also went to the beach with some of the football players and had a great time!

Tell us about your senior teammates - Stefanie Murphy and Carolyn Swords - and how you work together.

We are all very different people and players and yet we still find a way to make it work. We have played together for three years now and somehow don't have to say much to one another, we automatically know what the other is thinking. We are also a very blunt and honest group, we all take criticism well, so it is easy to get on one another and know that winning is the goal in mind.

Are there one or two aspects of your game that you're working on to improve?

I have been working on my shot. I need to be more consistent.

Talk about what you're role will be on this team in the 2010-11 season.

My role has not really changed. I am the vocal person on the court and I lead the team. I think one way it will improve is by being more noticeable on the court, and teaching the young birds the right way.

The incoming class has arrived, how are they adjusting to life at Boston College?

I think that they are enjoying it a lot, but it is hard work. I think as a freshman people come in thinking they have worked the hardest they ever have but when you get here it's completely different and you're down at the bottom again working your way to the top. Every freshman goes through it.

What would be your advice to the incoming class on how to survive the summer at Chestnut Hill?

My advice would be to work hard now, harder than you know because there is a spot to fill right now and what you do now will help you in the future. If I hear one word of complaining, I will look at them and say well, "What did you do this summer to prepare?"

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