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Q & A With Lauren Engeln

Lauren Engeln is now a member of  the Boston College women's basketball team after playing two seasons at UConn.

Lauren Engeln is now a member of the Boston College women's basketball team after playing two seasons at UConn.

July 18, 2013

Chestnut Hill, Mass. -

Lauren Engeln joined the Boston College women's basketball program in the summer of 2012. A native of Laguna Hills, California, Engeln played her first two seasons at the University of Connecticut. Engeln, a communications major, was able to practice with the Eagles last season but was not allowed to play. She has two years of eligibility and is a communications major in the School of Arts & Sciences.

What is the most important skill you will bring to the team?

I can definitely bring leadership to this team and intensity whether it's on or off the court. I love having fun while playing but I understand we will need to work hard as well.

Have you thought about your first full game here at BC yet?

I have not actually thought about it yet but when the time comes closer to season I'm sure I will be thinking about it a lot! As it gets closer the excitement will build.

How hard was it to sit out the season and did you have to change your mindset knowing you would not be playing?

Going into this year I did not think it would be that tough but as we got into games it got very tough practicing everyday but not being able to play. I had to change my mindset to know what my roll was for the year and focusing on things I needed to improve on.

What attracted you to BC when you finally decided to transfer?

I think just being on the east coast for a couple more years and being able to have that experience of being away from home. The coaching staff is awesome and the way Boston College takes so much pride in not only sports but academics as well.

Did you know Coach Johnson or any of the staff? Did you do some homework on them or even the program?

I did not know the staff before any of this but I did some research with my dad on the program and the coaches. That really helped with my final decision and it all looked so wonderful so that's why I ended up here.

You have been here for a year, have you adjusted to Boston College after two seasons at UConn?

Yes, I have adjusted at this point. It took some time to get used to a new school, the people and coaching style but after awhile I got in the groove of things.

Have you had a chance to learn about or go into the city? If so what is your favorite spot?

Yes, I have been into the city many times. My favorite place to go is Newbury Street. I love the atmosphere and the great shops and restaurants.

How has a California girl adjust to the East Coast so easily?

I've been here for three years now so I'm used to it. My first year here was tough, since I had only seen snow twice in my life before that.

What are some of your hobbies away from the basketball court?

I love playing other sports and just being active. My favorite thing is traveling and meeting new people and seeing new places.

There is a twin thing going on with our team - Please tell us about your twin sister Ashley and what she does, who is older ...

My twin sister is the coolest person ever. It's been tough being away from her the past couple years but I has made us grow much closer. She goes to school at Concordia University in Irvine, California. She plays basketball and is a baller. She is older by seven minutes but everyone always thinks I'm older because of our height difference.

Did you get a chance to get away this summer and if so what did you do?
I had the opportunity in May to go to Europe. My family and I stayed in Parma, Italy for two weeks. We saw a lot of our family and had some amazing meals. Then we headed to Paris and London for two nights each and had a great time exploring.

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