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Q & A With Assistant Women's Basketball Coach Lisa Faulkner

Coach Lisa Faulkner enters her second season as an assistant coach at BC.

Coach Lisa Faulkner enters her second season as an assistant coach at BC.

July 3, 2013

Chestnut Hill, Mass. -

Assistant coach Lisa Faulkner took time out of her week to answer some questions about the BC women's basketball team. Faulkner just finished her first season at the Heights and is slowly adjusting to the east coast. A native of Oregon, Faulkner played at Vanguard and was the NAIA Co-Player of the Year and Kodak All-American in 2005.

You are from the west coast so how are you adjusting to living in Boston?

A: I have to be honest and say that the winter was rough, but I am pretty well adjusted now. Northeastern cold is a different kind of cold and I feel that my body functions best in sunny and 70 degree weather. However, I have really enjoyed my spring and summer. There are so many fun things to do in Boston and there are great people in this city so I consider Boston home now.

What was one of the first things the staff did to try and recreate a new attitude?

A: A couple strengths our staff has are that we are good teachers and we are positive people. Erik Johnson is the best in the business at teaching specifics and you can't find a better person to play for and work with. I think our staff bringing that attitude every day in workouts and practices helped our players understand that we are in this together. Every team will go through difficult times and we have learned that it is okay to not be okay as long as we aren't staying there and we are learning, growing, and getting better every day.

Did the players buy into the new system and how long did it take?

A: The great thing about this team is that they have always bought into what the coaching staff wanted to do. Unfortunately, we weren't always right with the decisions we were making as coaches in terms of what our system looked like. We were trying to do a lot of things that we had success with in the past at the University of Denver and found that it wasn't what fit our personnel here. We had to adjust as coaches and the players did a tremendous job of doing whatever we asked.

The 2012-13 season is over - give me your assessment of the season and players?

A: Now that the season is over I would say it was a great starting point to what we are building towards. Ultimately, we want to be at the top of the ACC competing in NCAA tournaments every season and last year was the start to getting to that point. It was fun to watch how the team has grown and really takes pride in playing BC basketball. We learned that there is a difference between doing the drill and really competing to the best of our abilities every chance we get. I am excited to see how we build on the foundation that 2012-2013 gave us.

What is your opinion of when everything came together for the staff as well as the team?

A: As a coaching staff, I would say that after the BU game we made some really intelligent adjustments to the way we ran things. Coach Johnson is very is so good at pinpointing what is going to make our team the most successful. We really simplified what we were doing and that helped us become the best three-point shooting team in the conference with a great assist to turnover ratio. The team really gained confidence when we beat Rutgers. It was a little bit of a crazy game plan but they executed it well and it was a great home win for us. I think after that they really believed in how we game plan and using our intelligence to gain an advantage on our opponents.

The staff forms teams and competes for the top prize for academic honors. Did the players respond to the staffs stressing on how important academics is with this program?

A: Our staff takes pride in our team grades and it was really fun to see the players get into competing for the highest grades. I have always been the liaison with academics so I especially get really excited when a player does well on a test or in a class. In fact, I get just as excited when a player comes in my office to tell me how they dominated a test as when they have a great practice. It is unbelievable how far we have come academically and when I found out our team grade point average was above a 3.0 this semester I was beaming all day long. I think I sent a text to everyone I knew to tell them how proud I was of the way we took care of business in the classroom.

After recruiting in July what will you do on your break in August?

A: I have a good friend turning 30 and her idea of a good time is running a half marathon. So after July recruiting I will be traveling to Vancouver B.C. to run 13 for my friend's 30th. While I am out on the west coast I will also spend some time with my family.

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