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Women's Basketball Seniors Learn Life Lessons

Kristen Doherty and Katie Zenevitch were two-time team captains for the BC women's basketball team.

Kristen Doherty and Katie Zenevitch were two-time team captains for the BC women's basketball team.

April 25, 2014

Chestnut Hill, MA - Seniors Katie Zenevitch and Kristen Doherty, sat down to talk about their memorable four-year careers as members of the women's basketball team at Boston College recently.

Doherty finished her career with 1,278 points (14th all-time). She was also the second guard in program history to grab over 600 rebounds, finishing with 629, and second all-time in steals. Zenevitch totaled 1,164 points and 691 rebounds over the course of her career. She is also sixth on the all-time rebounding list and 15th on the all-time scoring list. Zenevitch has led the team in field goal percentage and rebounding the previous three seasons.

Although the numbers Zenevitch and Doherty have compiled over the years have made an impact on the program, the relationships both have developed through basketball will be the most lasting memories for them.

"I would say the relationships I've built with teammates over the last four years and how close we've gotten will be the things I bring with me. The time we've spent together is going to be unforgettable," said Doherty.

"There were some days where I was fighting my biggest battles, and I didn't even have to talk about it with my teammates. Just being with them every single day and the little things they would do--making me laugh in the weight room or leaving me notes on my chair--were amazing," said Zenevitch.

In addition to the support they received from their teammates, Doherty and Zenevitch both discussed their admiration and appreciation for BC's second year head coach Erik Johnson.

"Coach Johnson and his philosophy really made me grow as a person. I had no choice but to really grow up. He taught me how to face my problems head on and how to approach different situations as an adult. All the lessons we've learned on the court, we can use anywhere," said Doherty.

"As a team, we needed support and to know that the coaches were going to be there for us and Coach Johnson and his family opened their arms to us. They really took us under their wing and cared about us on the court and off the court. They brought a whole new aspect to our lives and made us fall in love with the game again" Zenevitch added.

Through Johnson's eyes, Zenevitch and Doherty have been two players that have fully adopted the philosophy of the team and worked every single day to become better and make their teammates reach the same level.

"They really embraced our staff and allowed us to be successful and I thought their leadership, especially over the last two years, has been fantastic in terms of wanting to totally buy in and commit to what we were doing. They clearly believed in Boston College very deeply. It was neat to watch them grow together," said Coach Johnson.

Johnson talked about the diligence that made Zenevitch an exceptional example and Doherty's competitiveness that inspired the team as a whole.

"Katie is the run-through-the-wall, she has the highest motor, and she's the hardest working post player I've ever coached in my 20 years at Division I. Every single drill, every single day, it's 100% effort. It's really amazing," said Coach Johnson. "She's used that to bring her teammates on board and push people and push them beyond their comfort zone. She really expects the best out of everyone."

"Kristen is the fiery competitor. If something is on the line, she wants to win it. That's very contagious. The players have great respect for her and her knowledge for the game, her instincts. Her IQ is extremely high, so when she has something to say, everyone turns around and listens," Johnson said.

Looking back on their careers, Doherty and Zenevitch expressed gratitude for their formative experiences through basketball and the relationships they have forged. Their advice to the underclassmen and future Boston College women's basketball players is to simply enjoy the process.

"I let them know how lucky they are to be in the positions they're in. Don't take it for granted. Really appreciate all the opportunities that you're blessed with, that I was blessed with as well. It's a long journey, but it goes fast," Doherty said.

"My hope for the program is to believe in the coaches and the process. Cherish every moment with each other and keep growing together as a team," said Zenevitch.

Article by BC Communications Intern Kristen Scott.

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