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Celebrating Conte Forum's Anniversary: In Their Own Words

Holly Porter Little

Holly Porter Little

Feb. 18, 2014

To mark the 25th anniversary of Conte Forum, former student-athletes retell their favorite memories on the court and ice.

Holly Porter Little was inducted into the Varsity Club Hall of Fame in 2003. Little was a dominating rebounder and dead-eye shooter. Her stellar play helped boost Boston College women's basketball to Big East and national stature and success. She was named Big East "Rookie of the Year" as a freshman and followed with All-Big East honors in each of her succeeding varsity seasons. Little set a school standard for rebounds with 902 in 108 varsity games (8.4 average). She scored 1957 career points, an impressive 18.1 per game output, as she sunk 47.5 % of her field goal attempts. A skilled player in every aspect of the game, she led the team in steals for three seasons (196 total) and was credited with 182 career assists.  

"Conte holds so many great memories for me that it is hard to pick just one! Kerry Curran posted on Facebook a clip from when Gerrod Abrams shattered the backboard against Providence and that was amazing!

"Every time we would go out before a game and you would just feel so small, yet so visible by all the people watching. It is such a grand place and feeling to be on the court.

"I remember the game we had against UConn - right after they had beaten Tennessee, the number one team in the country at the time, and they came to Conte Forum to play a regular season game. There were so many photographers on the baseline clicking away and the place was so loud. UConn had brought most of their fans with them!

" I also remember going to my first-ever hockey game as a freshman and thinking what a crazy sport it was. There is not a lot of hockey in Ohio, especially in the late 90's and I guess I never realized how physical it was until I saw it up close and in person.

" I also remember over Christmas break the girls basketball team, the men's basketball team and the hockey team were the only students on campus for a couple of weeks. If we had any "free" time, we would borrow some of the hockey players skates and go on the ice to skate around. It was so unbelievable to me that Conte could be a basketball court one day, and have the ice down the next.

"Conte Forum is a memorable place for me for so many reasons and I think I will always remember it as the greatest place to play and watch Boston College sports."

Any former student-athletes who wish to share a special memory of Conte Forum please contact Athletics Communications Assistant Dominique Oliveto. (617-552-1188)

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