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Women's Basketball's Kathrin Ress Discusses Team Unity

Kathrin Ress scored 12 points in a win over Clemson on Sunday

Kathrin Ress scored 12 points in a win over Clemson on Sunday

Jan. 23, 2007

Women's basketball's senior forward Kathrin Ress is averaging 17.6 ppg and 8.7 rpg in leading the Eagles to an 11-8 overall, 1-4 ACC record. Ress, a Salorno, Italy native, has tallied six double-doubles on the season. The Eagles return to the hardwood on Thursday, when they travel to Georgia Tech for a 7 p.m. tilt.

The Eagles just won their first game in the ACC this season. Share your thoughts on Sunday's victory over Clemson. What can the team take away from that game?

I think it was a team victory. We've been working on different things, individually, and I think on Sunday we just put everything together. The freshmen stepped up, like Ayla Brown and Elisabeth Egnell. I think our seniors understood how to get the whole team working for the same goal, which is the win.

How did the team turn it around?

We had a meeting before the Virginia game and I think it made us see different perspectives. We had a good game against Virginia, and it was up and down against Miami. In the Clemson game, all the pieces finally fit together.

The Eagles started last year's ACC schedule with a 0-4 record and then reeled off six straight wins. What will it take for the team to pull off a streak like that this year?

The team is different and the way the schedule is put together is different, as well. February is coming up and it's a big month. We have the potential to do it (win the games), so hopefully we'll keep building. We will take it step by step and just get better every day in practice. Then, hopefully we'll get a win on Thursday.

You travel to Georgia Tech to face the Yellow Jackets on Thursday. Talk about your upcoming opponent.

We haven't really talked about Georgia Tech yet, but we'll definitely talk about them today [at practice]. Just remembering from last year, they're a very athletic team, they get a lot of rebounds. It'll be another battle, another physical game.

What are the team's goals as you head into the heart of the ACC schedule?

Establishing ourselves and becoming consistent with our strengths and trying to get better each day. Also, knowing our opponents, knowing how to approach them and how to play them. Almost every ACC team is similar, they're athletic, and they have tall post players, quick guards. Other teams may be quicker, but that doesn't mean we can't beat them because I think as a unit, we're better than some of the teams that we're facing.

Talk about the play of the freshman this season. What are some of the strengths of the younger players?

I think they have stepped up and are trying to understand their roles. They are good at listening and trying to contribute. Beth started out great, averaging about 14 points and grabbed a lot of rebounds for us. Ayla has probably been the most consistent in the way she plays, the way she approaches every game and always wanting to battle. She's a competitor and a great player. Mickel Picco did a great job against Virginia. They're learning, so I think every game they will be more comfortable. The three are great people and great teammates, and hopefully they'll help us more in the future.

Talk about some returning teammates that have stepped up their game this season.

I think our core is definitely our seniors, Sarah Marshall, Kindyll Dorsey, and I. We're trying to be compatible with our freshmen - trying to guide them. I think Corey Rusin is doing good things. She comes in off the bench. She's a strong player who can help us a lot. Laura Lokitis is seeing a little more time here and there. She's definitely a good player and one of our best shooters, right with Kindyll. Victoria Jones is a quick player. She didn't play last year, but has really done some good things in games.

What skills have you worked on most this season?

I've worked on becoming more consistent. At the end of last season I knew I had to come in and step up a little more and take on a little more responsibility. So I kind of just worked on being more consistent and improved my outside shot. I'm more confident and more aware of what I can do and what I need to do to help the team.

Has Coach Inglese emphasized something in particular in practice - to the team, to you?

She wants us to be more consistent and to trust each other, especially on defense. We all need to know that we can beat the [opponent's] offense if we play together. Coach talks a lot about communication, being aware of each other, and trusting of one another on the court.

What are some highlights of your BC career?

Freshman year, when we won the Big East Championship, we had a great team and it was a great experience. I think every game we played against UConn was a battle, and every time we won, it was something really great. Last year, beating Ohio State in the NCAA Tournament was something we celebrated a lot. Last year's whole season, the way we overcame some difficulties like losing the first four ACC games, and still doing the things we did was great.

How do you spend your free time when you're out of class and away from the court?

I'm usually talking online with my friends from home or listening to music and relaxing. I'm usually tired because I play a lot, but I like to watch movies and hang out with Sarah and Kindyll.

Interview conducted by Geoffrey Kehlmann

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