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Seniors Take Part in Financial Planning Workshop

Oct. 3, 2012

Chestnut Hill, Mass. - The senior student-athletes took part in financial literacy training on Sunday night, part of a student-athlete development program created by student-athlete development coordinator Alison Quandt, a former Eagle ice hockey player. Eric Smith of the EKS Group, LLC, and the creator of The Financial Literacy Coach and The Money Game, led the student-athletes through a presentation on finances and several game-show style activities to test their financial knowledge.

"The topic of financial literacy is extremely important for our senior student-athletes as they make decisions regarding their future," Quandt said. "The goal of the student-athlete development program is to prepare our student-athletes for a successful future and the financial decisions they make now will affect their lives for decades to come."

The training was intended to help prepare the upperclassmen for life after college and how to best manage finances to be as successful as possible. They were introduced to the concepts of spending, saving, budgeting, retirement planning, understanding credit and managing debt.

The night proved to be very informative and they took away some valuable information about financial planning for their future.

"The program taught me how to be smarter with my money and I realized it's never too early to make a budget," Maria Pandolfo, senior softball player, said. "Athletes have so much they are concerned about throughout the day and sometimes the money situation gets pushed to the side. I learned that just cutting down unnecessary weekly purchases can help with my future savings and even a small amount can make a big difference."

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