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BC Men's and Women's Basketball Players Visit Allston School

June 20, 2011

Members of the Boston College men's and women's basketball teams visited with a group of special students at the Horace Mann School in Allston on Wednesday afternoon.

The Horace Mann School serves deaf and hard-of-hearing students from all over Boston and across Eastern Massachusetts. The student-athletes conducted a HEAR (Help Educate through Athletic Responsibility) Program for the group of 30 students and teachers.

The HEAR Program is a hallmark of the Devlin S-AFE Program at schools in the Allston/Brighton area, but the program at Horace Mann is the most unique. As the student-athletes spoke about their experiences, a teacher stood by their side translating every word into sign language. The goal of the program is to leave the students with a message to carry with them as they pursue further education.

Many of BC's student-athletes left feeling inspired. Freshman forward Korina Chapman was moved to tears speaking to the students as she saw their eyes light up following her message - "You're an inspiration" she said, "You can do anything you put your mind to if you believe in yourself."

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