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Men's Soccer Visits Russell Elementary School

April 11, 2012

Fifteen members of the Boston College men's soccer team visited the Russell Elementary School on Tuesday, April 10th.

The Eagles were greeted by excited young students from Russell Elementary who couldn't wait to meet them. The student-athletes ranged from freshmen to seniors.

Upon arrival, the team went on stage and introduced themselves. They explained to the children why they chose Boston College and who helped them get there along the way. The senior student-athletes on the team emphasized how school and sports go hand-in-hand when it comes to their education.

The students at the elementary school were fascinated with the international student-athletes and how far they traveled to study and play soccer at Boston College. At one point, a globe was brought on stage to show where New Zealand was compared to the school.

During the question and answer portion of the visit, the student-athletes were asked if Boston College would be able to compete with Russell Elementary in a soccer match. Many of the students from Russell Elementary were confident Boston College would not be able to keep up. A soccer ball made its way to the front of the stage and BC student-athletes performed a few tricks. The students of the school admired what the Eagles could do with the soccer ball.

Nick Corliss and Colin Murphy seemed to be the children's favorite players due to their European-style haircuts and accents. Overall, the trip was a great experience for both Boston College and the Russell Elementary School.

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