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Day 4: Devlin S-AFE Service Trip in New Orleans

Jan. 14, 2011

NEW ORLEANS, La. - January 13, 2011

Thursday began like every other with yummy breakfast of egg, biscuits and sausage at the mission. The two groups split off to their respective houses to continue drywall and the ever needed additional coat of mud.

Our group, led by Ashley, split up into the men who work with power tools and the women who make the house look beautiful with their mudding skills. Bryan naturally worked with the ladies. We beauitified corners until noon when we left for lunch at a local favorite called Tony's Restaurant. Everyone here seems genuinely grateful for us being here. A sure sign of how good the food was is the family size bottle of Tums that is now sitting next to Boyles' bunk.

Back to work for a couple more hours where the men finished off constructing drywall for the windows, and the ladies (plus Bryan) nearly finished mudding the corners. We're quite proud of our little house. We revealed our true BC athlete competitive nature by taking our initial deadline (taping the walls by Friday) and finished on Tuesday morning. The house is now ahead of schedule and our leader Laura complimented our work, as the average volunteer group is either in high school or from a retirement home. Clearly our pace is a bit more productive than she's accustomed to.

A man visited us just as we were wrapping up the day. He turned out to be one of the Katrina survivors whose home was rebuilt by the St. Bernard Project but most shocking was that Katrina was not his only hurricane experience in New Orleans. In the 1960's Hurricane Betsy poured 6 feet of water into his home where he had to evacuate his wife two children, and a 12 day-old baby to a nearby neighbor's 2nd floor. The people here are a persevering, proud community of families who, while reluctant to ask for help, appreciate it whole heartedly when it rolls up in white vans from Boston College.

Back home to the mission for dinner where we left promptly to watch a Women's Tulane Waves Basketball game vs. ECU. The Lady Waves came away with a win in the last minutes of the game and the BC athletes gave a good show with our cheers of "Sweet Caroline". The Tulane SAAC met us at the game and treated us to concessions and good conversation. Tomorrow we're meeting them for a pizza party after work.

Off to another game of Apples to Apples and a new version of British Pictionary brought to us from across the sea by Tilly.

Goodnight all!

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