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Day 5: Devlin S-AFE Service Trip in New Orleans

Sophomore Jeff Burke

Sophomore Jeff Burke

Jan. 10, 2014

Twenty two Boston College student-athletes traveled to New Orleans for the fifth annual Devlin S-AFE Service Immersion Trip to rebuild homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Each day, a student-athlete will blog about the experience.

Day Five: Jeff Burke, baseball

Today, we woke up for our usual breakfast at 6 a.m. James and Jean, the Annunciation Church chefs, made a wonderful breakfast for us, yet again, that consisted of some southern style biscuits and gravy. Immediately after eating and preparing our lunch, we loaded up the vans and made our way to our houses. Today's routine, however, was slightly different because we added a third house to work on.

Last night, we drew which house we would work out from a hat. While many people changed houses, I returned to the dreaded house we call Tamoran (based on the street it is on). Earlier this week, we had a blast, demolishing the interior of the house, and then did the grueling job of mold remediation. After brushing every stud with a steel brush and applying a liquid to kill the mold, we entered the final phase today, which consisted of painting the studs with a white seal. Despite the monotony of the task, everyone was in high spirits and, with the help of a few student-athletes from Tulane, we nearly finished the final phase.

At noon, we packed up our van and drove to the church for a few hours to rest before heading to the NFL YET Boys & Girls Club. I was lucky enough to have gone on this trip last year, and as a returner, I was truly excited to see a few of the kids who I met last year were doing well. We arrived at 3 p.m. and spent a few hours with the kids. Some of our activities included kickball, football, four square, air hockey, homework help and even a Bible study at the end. Eventually, we all reluctantly had to leave for dinner.

Tonight, we had a wonderful meal at the home of Tulane Athletics Director, Rick Dickson. We filled up on some excellent beef brisket and grilled chicken before enjoying some homemade brownies. After many hours of great conversation, we then went directly back to the church to rest up and get ready for a great and busy final day.

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