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Day 4: Devlin S-AFE Service Trip in New Orleans

Senior Zoe Lombard

Senior Zoe Lombard

Jan. 9, 2014

Twenty two Boston College student-athletes traveled to New Orleans for the fifth annual Devlin S-AFE Service Immersion Trip to rebuild homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Each day, a student-athlete will blog about the experience.

Day Four: Zoe Lombard, women's soccer

After a fun night exploring the French Quarter, we were up and at it at 6:40 a.m. Like the past two days, it has been uncharacteristically cold. When we walked into the house on the first day, there were no doors on the frames, none of the tiling was done in the bathroom and a lot of touchups were clearly needed. When we walked in today, the house was finally starting to look put together. From the get go, I was team tile along with Keady Segal (men's soccer), Melissa McTighe (volleyball), Stephen Sauter (baseball) and Ryan Dunn (men's soccer). When we started there were no tiles on the floor or on the wall of the bathtub. Being able to see the progress today was instantly gratifying. If I am being completely honest, I did not realize how much effort is put into tiling. I figured you just put some glue on it, stick it to the ground and let it dry. As I have learned this week, there is a lot more to it.

About half way through the morning, we started running out of supplies, but that did not stop the work and eventually we were brought more. We also had the pleasure of having [senior associate athletics director] Jody Mooradian come to the site today. Besides bringing her up beat spirit and high morale, she brought probably the best glazed donuts I have ever had!

Around noon we packed up and headed to the weight room at Tulane University. It is amazing how welcoming the people are down here; nothing beats southern hospitality! Tonight we all went out to a nice dinner at Jacque Imo's. A few of us had the pleasure of getting to know our site director, Danny, better. He is from North Pole, Alaska! Along with the great company, we had the opportunity to try some authentic New Orleans food. At dinner I was able to try snails, shrimp, alligator, quail, fish, rabbit, mussels and squid. A pretty interesting lineup but glad I can finally say that I have had alligator. Now that we are all in a food coma, most of us are heading to bed to gear up for round four tomorrow.

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