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Listen: Jerry York, Responsible Sports Podcast

July 24, 2012

Listen To Positive Coaching Alliance Podcast

In this episode, Jim Thompson of Positive Coaching Alliance talks with Boston College and 2012 NCAA Men's Hockey National Championship coach Jerry York. Relying on over forty years of coaching experience at the collegiate level, Jerry shares with Jim what makes a great coach, how to motivate and lead players and how remaining calm on the bench has often given his team a winning edge.

"You just got to kind of stay calm, stay focused. And, you know, the referees are going to make some mistakes. And what are you going to do about it? I was a referee a long time ago when I first got out of college. And it's a hard sport. But I see some coaches get so out of whack with a call, that I've really tried to learn from, when I was coaching earlier, about trying to stay calm or something. Because your players will get excited too. And they'll start losing focus. Our goal is, that next shift is the most important shift you're going to have. And so I try to stay poised and know what's going on during the course of the game."

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