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March 29, 2003

2003 East Regional
NCAA Division I Men's Ice Hockey Championship
GAME 2 - Boston College 1, Ohio State 0

Boston College
Head Coach Jerry York:
"Our past history in the tournament games has been tough defensive games. Teams that get to this stage are very good clubs. Ohio State had 25 wins and had a very good year. We expected goals to be hard to come by. It was a gritty game defensively and we're very excited about how we played defensively."

On the size of Ohio State and using that to prepare for Cornell: "They are similar. Down the middle I don't think I've seen a team with that size. I think it will help us to play in that type of game."

On Tony Voce's development:
"I think Tony was probably a better football player when he came to us. He was getting better and better in hockey. He's gotten better and developed defensively. As Ben Eaves said he's always been gifted offensively."

On this game being played a lot in the neutral zone:
"We say you've got to expect the unexpected. The ice wasn't conducive to playmaking, tomorrow the ice will be colder. I think tomorrow will be more skill level involved."

On using the best offensive players in penalty-killing situations:
"Some coaches like to rest their offensive players. It's an advantage to have our best offensive players out there, but today we took too many penalties. We logged a lot of minutes. I'd like to be fresh for five-on-five situations."

On the NCAA expanding to four regionals:
"I think it's a step forward. The committee and coaches should take pride in that. The next step will be like basketball, have a day off in between."

Junior forward Tony Voce:
On his game-winning goal:
"I came off the bench on a late change, jumped up and tipped it and controlled it to make what coach (Jerry York) calls a "NHL Shot"."

On his role on the team:
"Freshman year I was more of a role player. My role now is bigger but I am older and am able to step in there."

On importance of getting the first goal:
"It was real important, it was one of our goals in this game."

Junior forward Ben Eaves:
On linemate Tony Voce's play:
"It is great to have confidence in somebody on your line that if you get him the puck with a little opening he will create an opportunity."

On Ohio State's play in the neutral zone:
"We see a lot of tape and you do expect something like that because they like to clog things up. They did a good job of it (clogging things up) but luckily we got one good opportunity."

On Cornell:
"They're a real big team. They like to play the game along the boards, a lot like Ohio State. Come tomorrow, though, it will just be two teams out there and adrenaline will take over."

Ohio State University
Head Coach John Markell:
"Disappointed - Special teams was an achilles heal for us the last four games. We had opportunities and game momentum, but we were unable to produce a goal. We did not think the one goal was going to hold up. I thought we did a good job to force turnovers and get scoring opportunities, but we couldn't convert. Congratulations to BC. They played great defense. Out goal scoring the last three games hurt us. Thank you to the seniors on a great year and getting us to the tournament."

"Their goalie played very, very well. He was very impressive. Coming into the game, their power-play was one of the best in the nation. We were able to shut that down tonight and we were able to nullify their team speed. I thought we stayed with them the whole game."

On second chances
"We did a great job at getting to the net. But they made sure they did not allow a rebound by tying up our sticks."

On being disappointed
"We did not have poise tonight and in a one-goal game, that's the difference maker."

Senior Captain Scott Titus:
"I didn't think the one goal would hold up. Both teams were getting chances. The short-handed goal was a freaky thing. I thought we would be able to pop one behind them, but we couldn't."

"We knew coming in that they are very fast. Our game plan was to try to slow them down. We were going a good job until the end of the game when they started to clog the middle."

Junior Goalie Mike Betz:
"I saw a guy in the defensive zone who cleared it, sent it down ice. I thought the D would catch him back. Voce did a good job and picked it in the neutral zone. He had a nice shot and put it over my shoulder."

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