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Tom O'Brien Meets The BIG EAST Press

Nov. 20, 2000

Boston College head coach Tom O'Brien

BIG EAST Conference teleconference

November 20, 2000

Can you give us your thought on Miami this weekend?

"They are a very explosive football team. They're obviously the class of our conference this year and deservedly so. They lead the conference in scoring offense, they lead the conference in scoring defense. They have big-play guys on both sides of the ball, so it will be a huge challenge for our football team this Saturday."

Can you talk about Miami quarterback Ken Dorsey and his maturation this season?

"Looking at him in the films we have, he's done an excellent job executing their offense. He throws on time, he throws on rhythm and he's been very accurate for them. Think that he's been a big part of their offense right now. He's an excellent quarterback and I think he's second in our conference in passing efficiency right now. He's done a great job for them."

Will Tim Hasselbeck be back for this game?

"He's going to try to make it. Right now, we're going to see if he can try to practice on Tuesday. If he can play this weekend, he will play and he will start. If not, then (Brian) St. Pierre will play."

Can you talk a little about the motivation that Sean Guthrie might have to get back in this game?

"Well, he's a Miami guy. He went to school at Columbus High School down there. He's had an excellent year for us, being the oldest guy up front with all those freshmen. I think he'd be excited to go back and play in the Orange Bowl. He's going to try and get on the practice field himself this week to play."

When a guy has an injury like that, it's obviously a blow to his psyche. Has he kind of repaired that as well this week?

"I don't know. We'll have to wait. He didn't do anything last week at all so we'll see how he reacts this week in practice."

Were there any other changes with the others, like DuJuan Daniels.

"No. He's going to try to make it, but he's the most doubtful of all of them. As far as I'm concerned."

Their rushing offense and the way they've been putting numbers up, is that a big concern for you this week?

"Well, obviously. With all those young kids on defense and we're a little banged up on the front seven, if you can't control the rushing game then you're in deep trouble. They've rushed the ball, they did an excellent job against Syracuse. Yeah, they come off the rush with a play-action pass to those two receivers - to (Reggie) Wayne and Santana Moss. They are really good."

Can you talk a little about the offensive line - Paul Zukauskas in particular - and what their future holds after BC?

"Well, I think there's three seniors on the line - (Mike) Cook, (Paul) LaQuerre and (Paul) Zukauskas - who I think all the professional football teams have been in and all of them very complementary of Paul's play. So I think he has a chance to play at the next level, as I think maybe those other two guys do, too. We'll know more about that as soon as the season's over and they start coming back and being invited to the combine and things like that.

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