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Q&A with Alex Amidon

Alex Amidon

Alex Amidon

Nov. 16, 2011

Sophomore wide receiver Alex Amidon sat down with us to talk about his excellent performance against NC State the upcoming Notre Dame game and the fan who ran onto the field.

Q: You led the team with a career-high 69 receiving yards against NC State and made an excellent play to bring in a 41-yard Chase Rettig pass to take BC to the Wolfpack’s nine. How were you so effective in this game?

A: Coach [Spaziani] had told us throughout the week that we needed to hit a deep ball early like that to back up the corners a little bit. So it was just a good throw and we’d been practicing go balls like that a lot and Chase just had a nice pass. That’s really it.

Q: What does it mean for you to have contributed so much to a win on senior day?

A: I thought it was nice to get a win for the seniors in their last game on Alumni Field. I’m close with one of the tight ends, Lars Anderson, and he was telling me how it was his last game and he was going to miss playing at BC a lot so I thought it was really nice to get a win like that for them. It was kind of nice to win after a couple losses too.

Q: How is the team hoping to use the momentum from this win going into the Notre Dame game this weekend?

A: It’s definitely nice to have a win going into this game, but I think the BC-Notre Dame rivalry speaks for itself. We’re all going to be ready to play, and we all know the history of this game. It’s definitely good to be able to get a win coming into it. There’s lots of things we’ve noticed from our win too that we need to be more consistent on. There’s stuff we’ve been working on in practice this week that will hopefully help us.

Q: You, Bobby Swigert and Johnathan Coleman are all sophomore wide receivers. Can you tell me a little about your relationship with them?

A: Bobby and I were workout partners all of last season so we have a pretty close relationship. We’re roommates too at away games. The receivers are a close-knit group, but having so many young receivers is good because we have time to work with Chase, who’s also a sophomore, and we all get time to develop a good relationship together. It’s pretty exiting to get a couple more years together.

Q: What did you think about the fan running onto the field and high-fiving Luke Kuechly?

A: I thought that was awesome. I like to see stuff like that. I mean, it’s terrible he has to go to jail and all that. The NC State player when he hit him too, that was kind of mean. But it was cool to see an enthusiastic fan like that.

Q: What’s your favorite song the marching band plays?

A: Seven Nation Army definitely. It pumps me up.

Q: What do songs do you like to listen to before a game?

A: I listen to usually Eminem songs off his latest CD. I usually don’t really listen to too much music before a game. This year, I haven’t really listened to any music before the game, but I’d say Eminem on the bus.

Interview by Jen Dobias  

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