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O'Brien Talks To The BIG EAST Press

Nov. 13, 2000

Boston College football coach Tom O'Brien

BIG EAST Teleconference

November 13, 2000

Tom , can you talk about the game at Notre Dame and the plans for the upcoming off-week?

"I thought that our kids played extremely hard. We were over-manned a little bit, their offensive line versus our defensive line and once again had trouble stopping the run and stopping their big backs. It wasn't for a lack of effort. I think Notre Dame played well. We got their 'A' game. They had two weeks to get ready for us and they were mentally emotionally and physically ready for us. We're disappointed with the loss, but with the off week we definitely need it. I don't know if we could have played this week. We'd have to play some freshman with some the injury problems. We lost a couple more kids on the defensive line to knee injuries. We'll take today and tomorrow off and practice for three days and then take Saturday off and start to prepare for Miami this coming Sunday."

It seems like a bi-weekly question now, but what's the MRI report?

"We haven't done them. They are going this afternoon. Sean Guthrie is going, Tom Martin is going and DuJuan Daniels has a problem with his knee and he's going. So, we're making a lot of money for someone this year in the MRI department."

Did Daniels get hurt on Saturday?

"He came in on Sunday with something and they are not sure about it so he's going down to take a look at it too and I'm not sure how it happened or when it happened because everybody took yesterday off and we're not going to do anything today. We're not going to meet until 2:00 tomorrow afternoon."

Anybody else get banged up?

"(Jamal) Burke isn't healthy totally yet. And then Danny Koppen has a knee (problem) too, but we don't think it's anything MRI-able. Hopefully he'll be OK. And he got fallen on in that screen pass towards the end of the second-to-last or third-to-last play of the game, what ever it was."

Since you're getting a group rate, shouldn't you just go ahead and get an MRI done anyway?

"Well, they don't feel that it's of that nature. I hope they're right."

What is Burke's problem?

"He has those two turf toes that have never really healed."

It's very possible that Notre Dame could win its nine games and meet the special consideration that it would need to meet the BCS eligibility. Now that you've just played them, do they belong in the BCS?

"I don't know that. It's not for me to decide. We see Miami in another week, we don't play Florida State or some of those other people. That's not my decision to make."

Can you compare them to Virginia Tech at all?

"I would think that Virginia Tech could do very well against Notre Dame."

Can you talk a little bit about Robert Ellis? He obviously left the team last year and now he's having a good year for you.

"He didn't go through spring practice and decided that he wanted to get on with it (his life after college and football). Then he came back after spring practice and watched and really missed it. So we had a team vote, actually, and they voted to bring him back. He's worked extremely hard, he' been our best tight end this year. We've been trying to get the tight end more involved in the offense and he's made some tremendously big catches for us and really played a great football game all around for us at Notre Dame. That's what we were looking for out of our some fifth-year kids: to step up and play in the big game like that and play well. He certainly was the best of all our fifth-year kids on Saturday."

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