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Tom O'Brien Meets The Press

Oct. 30, 2000

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. - Boston College head football coach Tom O'Brien

Sunday Teleconference

October 29, 2000

Just wanted to get an update on Doug Goodwin's father. Did he make it out all right?

"Yes, he got out of the hospital and stopped by the office this morning. They're not exactly sure what happened with the pacemaker, or he didn't know what happened to it, but he'll be going home and will be checked at home."

How was Doug?

"Doug was as fine as could be expected. It's kind of frightening, obviously, once the game is over. You know, you race to the hospital to your mother because your father's been taken to the hospital. He came back and spent the night in his room, and he was fine. His father was released this morning."

Any other injury updates out of the game?

"No, nothing out of the game. Right now we're banged up a bit, I didn't even practice today. We took the day off. We've had six games in a row, and it's getting to the point of the year where everybody's sore and everybody's tired, so I try the best just to take the day off. Hopefully it will help us get our legs back some and we'll be ready to go. Right now I think that the major question would be (Paul) LaQuerre. He says that he feels much better and would be able to play this week, but we'll find that out. Paul Cook I'm not sure of. He didn't play Saturday, we had him X-rayed on Friday and he's got a fracture of the fibula."

How'd that happen?

"It happened in the Pitt game, and we thought he had a leg bruise, but it wasn't resolving itself, so we had it x-rayed. That's the non-weight bearing bone in his leg and it's a question of pain tolerance whether he'll be ready to play or not."

If he doesn't go, it goes back to...

"Flores, who played on Saturday."

Will Zukauskas be ready?

"Zukauskas is cleared, yes."

Obviously no news on Bradley?

"No, he felt better today. I don't know. He just shut it down himself, which is what we told him to do, and sometimes when you have knee injuries it's tough to get back on the bike, so he's going to have to work that out himself. He told me this afternoon that he should be ready to practice Tuesday and that he'll be ready to play Saturday, so we'll see."

He said that he was ahead of schedule, is there any concern that he may have rushed it back?

"No, because he looked so good a week ago running. He was running earlier and he looked smooth. As he said this week, he practiced and said that he felt better as the week went on in practice, but then by Friday, maybe we asked too much of him. Sometimes that happens when you're not conditioned and you try to get yourself back. Like we said on Thursday, he was out for a month, so he's not in tremendous shape, but last week helps, and hopefully he'll be better, because he would be a great addition to us."

Still no new developments with Garay?

"Yeah, I've got a new one here that I'll read to you, because I can't even pronounce some of the words. He's out for the year. He's got an 'unresolving severe tibial bone bruise with edema of the entire circumference of the proximal tibia. This has prohibited any impact activity, i.e. running, until after the holidays.' We did an MRI last week and nothing has changed in eight weeks since the original injury, so on medical advice we're shutting everything down on him."

Did they give you a layman's term for that?

"Bone bruise. A deep bone bruise. About three inches of the upper tibia."

So obviously you'll be applying for a medical redshirt for him?


You don't foresee any problems with that?

"I don't know, you never know. We've got three different MRIs at three different times and Dr. English feels that there's still pain there and that he can't run, the only way to heal it is to shut it completely down."

I didn't notice yesterday, but did Mark Parenteau get in the game?

"Yeah, he did. He played a couple of weeks ago, too."

So his redshirt is up?

"Yes, he's done."

And I also might not have been paying attention, but was Sandro (Sciortino) not kicking off yesterday, and was there a reason for that?

"No, he was not. He's had a groin and he didn't feel that he was at full strength and could kick, so that's why we kicked Sutphin yesterday. He's had it since the beginning of the year. Some weeks it's good, some weeks it's not so good."

So he's questionable this week?

"Well, I'd think that he's good to go this week after sitting last week out."

Did you look at the film yet?


And how did the two new guards grade out for you?

"I don't think that they graded extremely high, but they played hard and I think that the other linemen helped them. There was a tremendous effort out of (Marc) Colombo and (Mike) Cook and Danny Koppen up front, and I think that they took it upon themselves to pick up the line. For a first-time starter I think that Auggie did a good job, and for a second-time starter I think that John Richardson did a good job. I'd still like to se LaQuerre and Zukauskas back for this week."

The jury's still out on LaQuerre, though, huh?

"Yeah, he's feeling much better, but we don't know. He's going to give it a go this week in practice and we'll see. If he can play, he'll play. If he can't, then both Richardson and Auggie will go to that spot. Then Zukauskas will play and Parenteau will back Zukauskas up."

And Richardson will probably be the starter in that situation?


And the last of the walking wounded, Jonathan Ordway, was he held out for precautionary reasons?

"Where Bradley felt real good, Jonathan was real hesitant, but by Saturday when the game started the adrenaline was flowing and he was ready to play. When we didn't get him in there in the first quarter, we thought it was best just to keep him out because his is a muscle thing, too. I didn't think it was wise just standing there being cold and coming off the sideline there, so if we can practice with him, than he can definitely fit somewhere in the mix this Saturday."

Does Cervi remain the long-snapper?

"Burch has snapped some, but he was dinged, so we had Cervi snap. We'll have to see how Burch is this week. If Burch is healthy and going, then he'll be the long-snapper."

He hurt the same knee that he hurt before, but it's nothing serious, right?

"Again, I listen to what they tell me. He said that he'd be fine."

Now you've got Temple coming in and they've got a strong running game with Sharps.

"He's a very good running back. He's fast, he can fly."

Is he the kind of guy that gets out to the perimeter and makes people miss?

"He does a little of both. Bobby Wallace is a great coach. He's won a national championship and he knows what he's doing with his offense. They're basically an I-attack, somewhat similar to us. Power running game inside, run some tosses to the outside like we do. Similar balanced attack, I think in the last four games they've averaged about 38 rushes and 31 passes per game, so we're back to a balanced attack similar to what Pittsburgh gave us. That kid's a good back, and their quarterback's been doing a good job the last couple of weeks throwing the ball. They're a very dangerous football team."

So many coaches on the call on Mondays stress how much better they've become. All those guys started as freshmen and now they're juniors.

"They're experienced now. Someday we'll be like that with all these freshmen."

Will Green's the leading rusher in the BIG EAST. Will there be any changes with whose going to be the starter and who'll be the backup?

"No, there won't be a change. It's working the way it's been going, and I don't see any reason to change it right now."

Those two guys seemed to have worked it out pretty well.

"Yeah, they could have been jealous about each other and everything else, but I think that they realize that it's in the best interest of the team, and maybe in their best interest. Saturday it got to the point where you have to run like we did, it's tough to take all those carries in a row. After five or six carries, I think that they were somewhat happy to be able to come out and let the other guy carry the load for a little bit. Then we'd put them back in and keep rotating them it's better for the football team and better for both of them, too... so we've got a big one this Saturday."

Maybe the biggest one this year?

"We've been saying that for three weeks, actually four weeks. Ah, whatever. As long as you're winning and as long as you've got a chance to win that's the way it should be. The other thing that'll be big for this weekend is that it's the last home game for a lot of the kids. Similar to a year ago, there's some kids that were redshirt freshmen sitting in that room that Thursday night, and had to be wondering what was going on four years ago in there, and to their credit, they've worked hard and contributed to us winning last year, and can do a monumental task in helping us to win this week in their last home game and go out on top. I think that it would be a great step for the program and a credit to them that they hung in there through all that adversity."

That'll probably compel LaQuerre to get back this week.

"I'd imagine that it would."

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