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Paul Peterson Discusses Upcoming Games, Notre Dame Victory

Paul Peterson looks forward to BIG EAST competition after winning at Notre Dame

Paul Peterson looks forward to BIG EAST competition after winning at Notre Dame

Oct. 28, 2004

This week's featured athlete is football senior starting quarterback Paul Peterson. Peterson was named BIG EAST Offensive Player-of-the-Week after completing 27-of-41 passes for 383 yards and two touchdowns in a last-minute, 24-23 victory at Notre Dame on Saturday, Oct. 23.

Q: Talk about the emotions and morale of the team after the win and the productivity at practice since Saturday's win at Notre Dame.

A: It was a fun game to play in. Everybody decided that they wanted to win. It was an awesome team feeling after the game because everybody was excited for each other that we were able to pull that win off. This week is good for us, too, because we get to build off that togetherness that we put on as a team after the game. We're still building.

Q: You've helped engineer some terrific comebacks as a starting quarterback at BC, notably Rutgers last season and most recently at Notre Dame last Saturday. What is your mindset in staging a fourth-quarter or last-minute comeback drive?

A: That's just it - it's all or nothing. You have to [make it happen]. I think as an offense we get a little more focused in what we're trying to do. I don't know what to say, except that it just happens.

Q: With the dynamic duo of Grant Adams and Joel Hazard, not to mention key playmakers from the Notre Dame victory in Larry Lester and Tony Gonzalez, talk about the guys on the other end of your passes.

A: You mentioned four guys and that's just it - it's not just one guy. All those guys have awesome talent and make plays. That's the name of the game. It makes me feel a lot more comfortable knowing I've got guys who can do things like that--guys that make big plays.

Q: Describe the transition from a primarily one-man running game in Derrick Knight last season to the 2004 freshman running back trio, all of whom have shown success?

A: I just think that you have to find what works. Those three guys have done a great job running the ball. It's been hard for us to find a guy who is steady. Each adds a different dynamic to our offense. Our receiving corps is doing a great job. They're just older and they've been playing so they know how to play. That helps a little bit, too. Those three freshmen are going to be sweet.

Q: With your second bye week of October, what does the team need to focus on to get ready for the approaching Big East games, starting at home with Rutgers on November 6?

A: It's just one more step, one more game, to reach our goal of reaching the BCS game. It's crunch time. We have to focus ourselves on the importance of these games so we can reach our goals.

Q: Who do you feel has shown the greatest improvement throughout the season?

A: I don't think it's anyone in particular. I think our offensive line in every game is getting better and better. It showed on Saturday against Notre Dame. I barely got touched, and, if I did, it was probably my fault. They have been doing an awesome job for us.

Q: What's the best part of playing for Tom O'Brien?

A: He's a no-nonsense kind of guy. There are some coaches, not here anyway, that I've known who will tell you a bunch of fluff. He says it how it is and you deal with it and get better from what he has to tell you.

Q: What has been your biggest football thrill over the last season and a half here at Boston College?

A: It has to be the last game [at Notre Dame]. The overall feeling was just awesome.

Q: Is there any area or skill that you've really focused on and felt you have made great improvement since taking over as the starter last season?

A: I definitely have tried to work on being a better pocket passer and not just a rollout guy. Even any little thing that you can try to perfect, like being able to throw better on the run, I tried to work on a lot more. Also, I worked with my ball handling, faking and every little thing, I think I tried to focus on. There's nothing really in particular.

Q: Talk about living in Boston, which must be quite a bit different than your Utah home. You and your wife live off campus - how challenging is that?

A: It's cool, and it's been good for both of us. I love Boston and it's just good for us to be on our own and be away from our families while we live together.

Q: What things do you like to do off the field and away from the game of football?

A: Any free time I've got I love to go fishing. There's a lake just right here called Crystal Lake and I'll go to the Charles River, too. It's getting cold now, but I'll go in between class and practice, maybe after practice if it's still light. When I was in third grade my buddy's dad took me, and I've just loved it ever since then.

Next week: The Athletic Department will feature women's basketball veteran guard and preseason All-BIG EAST selection Jessalyn Deveny.

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