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Tom O'Brien Meets The Press

Oct. 23, 2000

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. - Boston College head coach Tom O'Brien's

Sunday Teleconference

October 22, 2000

Could you explain to us now what happened to William Green in the end zone?

"What it looks like-and my tape isn't on the goal line, it's on the sideline-but he catches the ball, both feet, he steps out with his right foot but the ball's in his left hand, and his left foot never goes out of the end zone. Then he steps back in and takes a knee."

Does the knee actually go down?

"I couldn't see that. All I know is that the ball is on his left arm, and his left foot never comes out of the end zone. The momentum of the ball carried him into the end zone."

What's the rule about that, though? Do you have to have the ball out of the end zone?

"The ball has to go out of the end zone."

William said that he even turned to an official and asked him 'Am I in?' And the official confirmed that he was.

"Well, I don't know if the official can say. The official shouldn't say anything to him one way or the other."

Is it possible that the reason the play continued is because his knee didn't hit the turf?

"I would guess, but I don't know."

William Green said his knee touched.

"Like I said, I can't see. It looks like he went down, but whether or not it touched, I don't know."

After having such a good week with no penalties against Syracuse, there were a lot of bad infractions in the first half yesterday. Is that a mental thing?

"I would hope, but I don't know. You look at this three-game round-robin that we just played, and the home team wins all of them. Syracuse beats Pitt, we beat Syracuse, Pitt beats us."

Calls were part of all three of them, too.

"You know, I want to believe that it's just a bad day at the office, so that's how I'm approaching it. Just as every Sunday when we walk off the field, it's over with. We're not going to talk about it any more. We've got to get ourselves organized here and play Rutgers."

Was there any thought at any point of trying to get Walls on Bryant?

"We talked about that early in the week, but we shut out the other kid and Bryant makes all of the catches. You can't cover both of them, and most of those passes weren't to Bryant, Grimm was the first choice."

Based on the tackling situation and the pass rush, do you foresee any changes in the front seven?

"We don't have any changes to make. There are no options."

Any chance that you'll be getting guys back this week?


"Bradley was running tonight, but I don't know if he'll make it. Zukauskas is not going to make it this week-he has a head injury that I guess got worse as the game went on. They already said that he's out and that he'll see a neurologist this week."

Do you expect LaQuerre back?

"I don't know. He's similar to Bradley and Ordway in that if they can practice this week, then they certainly might play. I definitely know that Garay cannot play and Zukauskas cannot play."

And at this point it's looking more like a medical redshirt year for Garay?

"I don't know that. I think that we'll know in the next two weeks."

Did you see what happened to Paul Zukauskas?

"No, he came out late at halftime. .. they were concerned at halftime, but I guess he cleared up. I don't know if he was even groggy or whatever, but there was definitely some concern after the game. When they got back, there was even more concern, so he spent the night in the infirmary. They said he's definitely out this week. They said there's no activity until late this week, which means he definitely can't practice."

So they're treating it like a concussion right now?

"Yes, absolutely."

Didn't he hit his head at Rutgers last year?

"He must be afraid to play against Rutgers. He ran into a pipe last year and didn't play."

Did that happen before the game last year?


Have you had a chance to look at the film yet today?


Now grading the defense, how would you say they performed?

"Lenny Walls played pretty well, and a couple of other guys played well, but for the most part we didn't play that well. As bad as we did play, the bottom line is that it was 28-20 going into the fourth quarter. As bad as the big plays were that we gave up, we gave up that 67-yarder and that just took the wind out of everything. Then they cam back down with the 45-yard run for the touchdown. Even after it's 28-20, they score and we'd come right back down and score, too. It's just a situation where we ran into a team that's very versatile on offense with both the runs and the pass, and we didn't play well and just couldn't stop them. We gave up too many big plays. If you don't give up those big plays, then you're in the game. The offense was clicking. Both backs rushed for over four yards a carry, and the quarterback had a pretty good day, with the exception of the interceptions, but there weren't any interceptions where you look at it on tape and say that it was a bad decision. You can rationalize away the interceptions. The first one hit off of Daniels' hands, and the second one we were tackled as we were running the route downfield-it should have been called interference. The third one was on a two-point play, so he was trying to make a play there which is fine. You have to throw the ball there-you don't want to take a sack. Same thing with the last one. You have to take a shot there, too. We weren't going to punt on fourth down."

Can you address the depth of the offensive line?

"Well, right now Richardson and Hoffman will play at guard and Parenteau will back them up. We will wait to see how LaQuerre does, and we're practicing McKniff at guard, as well. He's the backup center and it's getting to be that time of year where guys have to pull double-duty. Maybe we'll only have three guys ready to play, we haven't talked about it yet, but maybe somebody like Wilpert or DiPietro or one of those other guys will work in there this week."

So McKniff's tight end days are over?

"Yes, he's back at center. One wounded warrior fighting this Saturday. It's hard to believe, but such is life."

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