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Q&A with Football's Kevin Pierre-Louis

Kevin Pierre-Louis

Kevin Pierre-Louis

Sept. 21, 2011

Sophomore linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis has been an important playmaker for the Eagles in 2011. He is currently second on the team in tackles with 34, including 2.0 tackles for loss (8 yards), and is ranked third in the ACC with 11.33 tackles per game. In 2010, he started all 13 games as a true freshman and was named to the Freshman All-America team.

Q: What is the team’s mindset going into Saturday’s game against UMass?
A: The mindset is to treat it just like any other game. I guess there is a little bit more pressure because it’s in-state. They’re still a good team regardless of the division that they play in so we need to treat them just like we treat everyone else.

Q: Is there any kind of rivalry with UMass because it is another Massachusetts team?
A: Not really since we don’t play them consistently, but there’s definitely a little hype from player to player. We have a lot of Massachusetts kids on this team and there are a lot of words being thrown back and forth already. It should be a good game Saturday.

Q: Talk about your BC experience off the field so far.
A: It’s been going well. It started off a little rocky coming in early, but now it’s perfectly fine. [Learning Resources for Student Athletes] and the coaching staff have done a great job. We have a great support system here and classes are going well.

Q: Have you declared a major yet?
A: Yes, I’m going to be a finance major.

Q: Have you always been interested in finance?
A: I wasn’t sure coming in. I knew I wanted to do business. That’s one thing I had set in my mind, but I wasn’t sure which major I was going to decide on. After talking to alums and to my father, I want to do finance.

Q: Do you know specifically what career path you want to pursue after college with your finance degree?
A: I just want to get into the business world. I know wherever I go, especially in business, I have to start at the bottom, so I’ll just work my way up wherever I end up.

Q: Your family is from Haiti. What impact did the 2010 earthquake have?
A: It personally made me want to go back to Haiti more. As for my family, they’ve been helping out more and rebuilding houses. They first had to rebuild their own house, but now they’re trying to build schools, and bring more attention to Haiti.

Q: Are you planning on going to visit Haiti any time soon?
A: Hopefully during spring break, I would like to go back, but it all depends on timing and what my other family members are doing.

Q: What was it like to come in as a true freshman and start every game last year?
A: It was a learning experience. The coaches believed in me, so I knew I had to believe in myself. I felt as though I didn’t want to let them down. That was always in my head - just make sure I don’t let them down and make sure I play the game I know how to play.

Q: How has your freshman experience helped you improve this year?
A: This year I would say the biggest thing is just more confidence. I know there are certain plays I can make. Last year, I knew there were certain plays I could make, but I wasn’t too confident if I could make them or not. Now I’m playing with a little bit more edge, trying to anticipate the play rather than just react to it.

Q: What are some team goals for this season?
A: We’re still trying to get win number one, so as of right now, it’s just get win number one.

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