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Tom O'Brien Talks To The BIG EAST Press

Sept. 18, 2000

CHESNUT HILL, Mass. - Here's a transcription of Boston College head football coach Tom O'Brien on the BIG EAST Weekly Teleconference for September 18, 2000.

Can you give us some general comments on Navy?

"Well, they looked like two different football teams in their first two games. Temple did a great job against them in the first game. They held the ball most of the game. Navy only had, I think, 43 plays in the first game, then they went and played Georgia Tech and had 92 plays. The biggest difference there is they threw that ball 13 times at Temple and threw 40 times against Georgia Tech. They had an off-week. They changed a little bit. Their quarterback has gone down with an injury and they're going to play another quarterback. So right now, it's anyone's guess what's going to happen with their offense. That's what we know about Navy and we'll be ready for them on Saturday, I hope."

How did the off-week help any of those guys that were healing up and do you expect any of them to come back?

"I don't know yet. We'll find out this week about (Marco) Williams and (Antonio) Garay - those are the only two that have a chance to make it back. (Jerome)Ledbetter is still out."

This being the second game against a service academy opponent, is this one a little bit more special for you (seeing it is your alma mater)?

"No. I would rather beat Army than beat Navy. That's been ingrained in me for a long time. I think it's different when we play Navy in Boston then when I went and played them down there. When we played at Navy last year, when we played at Navy, there's a little more tug when you go back to Annapolis having graduated from there. I don't feel that same way when they come to Boston. I like to beat them both."

Are you more emotionally detached now that they're coming here?


What was your initial injury when you saw the nature of the injury that their quarterback suffered? Did you kind of recoil and go 'Man, that's tough with a fractured larynx.'?

"I can't even imagine that. In fact looking at it, I can't even think (about it). They say it happened on a shovel pass, but it seems to me he got sandwiched a couple of plays before the shovel pass. It's a tough injury. With their offense, their quarterback gets hit a lot. Georgia Tech went after him and got him sandwiched on a drop back pass or play action pass that they were running. And he got hit pretty good."

Does their whole offense change complexion with Ed Malinowski in there?

"He played some last year. In the spring game, they moved him to safety and he intercepted a pass. When Madden went down at the end of the spring, they brought him back. He played some last year and we have him on tape from last year. He's only thrown three passes, but most of the time he's in the running mode, running the option and the follow up play and some of their power running game. I'm not sure what to expect right now."

Along those lines, it's difficult enough to come after these guys. Does this almost make it a situation where you prepare for their regular wishbone and just see what happens?

"I think that's what we have to do. If you spend all week inventing ghosts, then the problem comes that you're not ready to defend anything. I would think that we have to get ready for what we saw this kid do a year ago. Look at their base offense from there and make adjustments on the sideline. If they change wholesale from what we practice, we'll have to do it on the sideline on Saturday."

Does it appear that Williams is closer than Garay? Are there indications that way? Is it more difficult to bring a guy like Garay back against an attack like Navy?

"I think it is. I would think that Williams is ahead of Garay as we speak right now because he was running last week and Garay was not running last week. But that doesn't mean that either of them or both of them will play."

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