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Q&A with Alex Amidon

Through two games, Amidon ranks seventh in the nation with 248 receiving yards.

Through two games, Amidon ranks seventh in the nation with 248 receiving yards.

Sept. 12, 2012

A 5-foot-11, 186-pound wide receiver, Alex Amidon has 16 receptions for 248 yards through two games in 2012; he leads the Atlantic Coast Conference and ranks seventh among all players in the nation in receiver yards per game.  He is a native of Greenfield, Mass., who served as a two-year football captain at The Hotchkiss School and was a record-setting sprinter on the school’s track team.  A junior English major, Amidon sat down with to discuss the offensive unit’s productive start to the season.

You grew up in Massachusetts.  Did you compete in other sports while in high school?  Was playing for BC something you had always envisioned?

“Playing for BC was definitely a vision of mine.  My father was a big track and field fan so my first passion was running.  I did cross country in high school and actually thought I would participate in track when I went to college but I ended up making the switch to football.”

What was your offseason like this past spring?  What were some of the key components of your game that you were trying to improve upon?

“One of the big things I focused on in the off-season was conditioning.  Me and a couple of the other receivers made a point to go out and do extra conditioning so when it came time for camp and the games, we would never get tired.  Conditioning was definitely the main focal point for me.”

You’ve caught 16 passes for 248 yards through just two games this season, almost eclipsing your receiving totals as a sophomore.   What have been some of the keys to your receiving success thus far?

“I think it mostly has to do with the offense we have been running so far.  It’s been really up-tempo and the ball has been spread around a lot so everybody has been getting touches.  Being here for three years, I believe I finally have adjusted properly to college football.  Some people can come right in and play really well but for others it just takes a little more time.”

Can you talk about Coach Martin’s system and how it fits with the personnel of the team?

“It’s been a good fit so far especially because we have such a great quarterback in Chase [Rettig] and you are able to see that from him now.  The way the offense is set up, it’s a real fast tempo and since we aren’t adding a lot of new plays each week, we know exactly what we need to do.  That part is really important for the personnel we have because we can go out there and do everything as fast as possible without having to slow down and think if we are doing the right thing.”

Quarterback Chase Rettig has put together two impressive performances through your first two games this fall.  Can you talk about his progression as a QB?

“He has been starting since his freshman year and after being on the team with him during that time, I can tell he is ready to lead the team.  He was confident last year but it seems like this year he is even more confident in his ability to lead and make plays on the field.”

Sophomore Spiffy Evans had his most productive game of his young career against Maine last week. Talk about his playmaking abilities.

“I’m really excited that Spiffy had a great game because he’s a great kid and he has been pushing hard in practice.  We knew this breakout was coming because he is such a great athlete, I’m really happy for him.”

What did you take anything away from the season-opening game against Northwestern last year? 

“I think it’s a different situation now that we have a new offensive coordinator.  The only thing we can really take away from it is that we didn’t win and need to change that outcome.  We’ll do whatever it takes to win this time around and I think we can have a better day than we did last year.”

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