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Tom O'Brien Talks To The BIG EAST Press

Sept. 11, 2000

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. - Boston College head coach Tom O'Brien

BIG EAST Conference Teleconference

September 11, 2000

Could you talk about your team's win over Army and your plans this week in the off-week?

"We're very excited about the win. We needed a victory. We played well on offense. We played well on defense, we played well on special teams. It was a good team effort.

"What we do know is reevaluate what we've done the first two weeks of the season. It comes at a good time for us. We need to get back on the practice field. We'll take today off and we'll practice the next three days trying to get better. As we get toward the weekend, we'll start looking at Navy and their option attack (on offense).

Have you had a chance to break down the film and grade it yet?

"We've looked at it."

What would be your overall grade that you'd put on this game?

" Well, as I said, I think we played well all in all. We played much better than we played in the opener. We came off the ball and were much more physical in the offensive line. The backs ran harder, the quarterback was protected. Our route running was more precise. We delivered the ball on time on offense.

"We got confused a couple of times on defense. But other than that, the young kids were still running around. We were trying to make some plays. We got our hands on three balls, made three interceptions - one which we brought back for a touchdown. Special teams wise, other than the roughing penalty, I thought we did a good job on special teams. We thought we'd get a kickoff return and got a big one. We were solid in all the other phases of the game.

Did your film study reveal anymore about Jamal Burke's apparent touchdown.

"It doesn't make any difference. They called it no good, so it's not a touchdown."

One more thing about the defense. With the injury to D.J. Sutton, has Willie Poole stepped up a little bit in terms of making you reconsider whether Sutton comes back when he's healthy and takes the job or does Poole have the job?

"I think that's something we can get accomplished this week in practice. It's great to have competition and that's what we've tried to create. We have to look at Lenny Walls, too. He makes a lot of plays. I don't know if that position is etched in stone yet."

What is it like game planning for a team with a quarterback like Michael Vick of Virginia Tech as opposed to some of the other quarterbacks you face? I'm assuming, with what he's done, it's something of a headache trying to prepare for him.

"Well, the biggest thing he does is create when he gets on his own. He can make plays and he can make great plays by himself. With a lot of guys, you can figure strengths and weaknesses and try to put them in a box. You cannot put Michael Vick in a box and that's the biggest problem you have with him."

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