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Q&A with Kasim Edebali

Kasim Edebali

Kasim Edebali

Aug. 29, 2012

A 6-foot-2, 258-pound  defensive end from Hamburg, Germany, junior Kasim Edebali has played in 27 games in his first two seasons at Boston College.  He is listed on top of the Boston College depth chart at his position for the team's season opener against Miami on Saturday, Sept. 1.  Last November, Edebali  registered three pass breaks against the Hurricanes in the season finale. Edebali sat down with on Wednesday to discuss the upcoming season and much more.

Tell us about your background.  How did you arrive at Kimball Union Academy from Germany?

It all started back in Germany, I began playing for a team called the Hamburg Huskies when I was 10 years old.  I then played for the German National Team and a few of my friends kept telling me about the USA Football International Program where European students can be offered scholarships to prep schools in the U.S.  I got accepted into the program and went to Kimball Union for two years before BC ended up recruiting me.

How has attending Boston College helped to develop you - as a person and as a player?

Honestly, BC has been great.  I have really enjoyed my time here and met so many people that have influenced me.  The teachers, football coaches, and the team itself have done their part to make me a better person.  Every aspect of this school has been really enjoyable for me.

How would you describe your game?  Do you feel like rushing the passer is your strength or keeping contain and helping with the rush defense?

I think my biggest strength is my energy, I'm always running to the ball and always trying to make the tackle.  Even though I may be 40 yards away from the ball carrier I'm always running full speed trying to catch up.  Emmett Cleary gets annoyed sometimes because the ball isn't even nearby and I'm still going full speed.  I can definitely say my biggest strength is my hustle.

What kind of player is Kaleb Ramsey?  What does he bring to the defensive line as a whole? 

Kaleb is a machine.  Whenever he is out there, I'm really glad to be right next to him.  I am certain that he is going to do his job because he is such a big part of the defensive line and I still look up to him because he keeps me going during practices and games.

Tell us about your relationship with linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis.  What are some of his characteristics both on and off the field?

Kevin and I were neighbors freshman year and then we lived together for the last two years so we are very tight.  I consider him one of my best friends even though I'm more of the super outgoing guy and he is more of the quiet guy.  When we are together we have a good balance but on the field he isn't quiet anymore.  Even though he is a linebacker and I'm a defensive end, all I need to do is give a look back to him and we both say to ourselves: "ok, let's go!"

Going up against the offense in scrimmages, who has surprised you in terms of improvement on the opposite side of the ball?

I think the entire offensive line has improved. I know because I have been going up against them every day, but on the whole, the guys who played last year have matured and developed into better players.  I have gone up against Emmett Cleary and John Wetzel the last three years and they kept getting better and better.  At the same time though, I appreciate it because it makes me a better player.

You had five pass break ups last year, including three against Miami. What are your objectives going into this year's game?

I'm just trying to build on from where I left off last season, being a better football player, and becoming a bigger factor on the defense so I can do my part to help the team win games.  I just want to be there for the team and do whatever I can to help us achieve our goal of winning games.  For batting passes down, it's a big coaching point that Coach Comissiong throws in there.  We need to understand where we are in relationship to the quarterback and if we can't get there, we need to get our hands up.

What's your relationship with fellow German on the BC basketball team Patrick Heckmann?  Do you meet regularly and converse in German?

I was happy when I heard about Patrick coming here because I don't speak a lot of German anymore and I have someone I can relate to.  So whenever we talk we'll usually talk in German so I can keep it fresh in my mind.  My German isn't as good as it used to be! My mom even tells me it isn't so good anymore, but seriously, I'm glad that Patrick is here because we are good friends and it's cool to have another German student-athlete here at BC.

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