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Q&A With Football's Jarvis

Aug. 17, 2009

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. - With the second day of double sessions upon the Boston College football team, caught up with senior WR Justin Jarvis to see how camp is progressing entering the second week.

How has camp been so far?
"Camp has been pretty good. We're working really hard to develop the identity of our offense and that just comes with a lot of practice, developing our plays and knowing how to execute at a high pace."

How do the wide receivers look?
"We look pretty good. We had a little down period in the beginning but we elected Rich Gunnell as one of our captains and he's been a great leader along with the other seniors, Clarence Megwa and I. The wide receivers are picking up the pace out there and hopefully the rest of the team is going to follow."

How does it feel having an increased role as a senior on the team?
"It's a little different for me. I didn't expect the three years to go by as fast as they have and I just have to lead by example and do all the right things."

Are there any young players that you have taken under your wing during camp?
"Johnathan Coleman. He's a wide receiver from Bronx, NY and I'm helping him out as much as I can because I knew I was in the same position four years ago - not knowing much about the pace of college football or having coaches yell at you. This is a really intense period and I'm trying to get him through it and show him how to do it the right way."

How do the true freshmen look?
"They're actually really impressive. They're coming along and working really hard and they know what is expected of them early on. They're not coming in here and tip-toeing around; they are actually working at it."

How has the recently hot weather affected the team?
"Well the whole summer in Boston is pretty sub-par and then all of a sudden it shot up into the 80s and 90s. We hadn't really played in this weather with our workouts and it's a little bit of a shock but it's nothing we can't get through. We are a team that adapts to everything and we just know how to get through it."

What did you take away from Saturday's intra-squad scrimmage?
"The defense has obviously seen our plays since we play them everyday so you can only take it for what it's worth. I thought we executed poorly but we have a huge upside because we know what we have to do and once it comes around to the season, the other teams won't be as prepared as our defense."

What is your take on the quarterback situation?
"I don't have a definite answer on who the quarterback is. They are all performing well at some points and then at some points they need improvement. We are definitely still working since it is only the second week of camp. The battle is still intense for the quarterback position so hopefully one of them will step up in the near future."

What has it been like to play with three (and soon to be four) different quarterbacks since your freshman year?
"It's something that we have to adapt to - taking on the challenge of a new quarterback coming in and then leaving. The biggest thing that Coach (Ryan) Day focuses on is catching the ball. It's not always going to be perfect but just make sure you make the catch. That's what you're here for."

What is one thing that you are really looking forward to this season?
"The major thing I play for is to show the rest of the country how good we are. We've been doubted year after year after year and we still find a way to get it done. I'm ready to go out there and prove to the rest of the country that we're not as bad as they think we are going to be."

How are you personally going to accomplish this goal?
"I'm going to bring the intensity week in and week out, lead the other guys and show them that it's a long season. We have to stay healthy and focus on our assignments every game."

Monday marks the second of six double sessions during preseason camp. BC will practice twice on Wednesday and Friday as well. The Eagles' second scrimmage is slated for Wednesday at 6 p.m. at Alumni Stadium before their first off day on Thursday.

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