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Football Scrimmages; Defense Shines on Saturday

Sean Sylvia spoke with the media today and talked about why the defense has shined thus far

Sean Sylvia spoke with the media today and talked about why the defense has shined thus far
Aug. 16, 2014

Chestnut Hill, Mass. - The Boston College football team held the second intrasquad scrimmage of the 2014 season on Saturday morning at Shea Field.

Following practice, head coach Steve Addazio and graduate defensive back Sean Sylvia spoke to the media.

What were your thoughts on today's scrimmage?
"We had nine turnovers. We don't do that at Boston College. Nine turnovers. For me, it just starts and ends right there. We don't turn the ball over. A lot of those came from the skill position players today. We have too many freshmen in there turning the ball over. You can't win when you turn the ball over. You can't win a scrimmage and you can't win a college football game, you can't do anything when the balls on the ground. So, it's great that we have more speed and we're dynamic, but when the ball's on the ground, we aren't really any good."

What part of all the turnovers is a function of the defense?
"Honestly, most of the turnovers were not a result of the defense. I said to the defense after the scrimmage that it was great to be opportunistic, but when a ball hits a receiver in the hands and then it pops up like Christmas to your hands, that's something that maybe you should get too excited about. But on the other hand, I always want to put an emphasis on takeaways for the defense, but those were more life giveaways today. It was like volleyball today. It looked like we were playing beach volleyball."

What sorts of things do you see that you liked today?
"I thought Tyler Murphy competed his ever-loving tail off. He was making plays. I would have like to see him go live, because we wanted to see who could actually tackle him. He was throwing the ball well, too, I mean, he was playing ball. That's why I was so aggrevated with everything else because Tyler was playing well. There was not many other out there helping. Not only was it the turnovers, but we had a good amount of drops right in people's hands. When that starts happening at that rate, that's alarming to me."

Do you think the turnovers and drops were a lack of concentration?
"It is now an emphasis. There will be an extremely bright light on that situation as an emphasis. I'm not going to tolerate any more dropped balls. I'm not going to tolerate any more fumbles and I never did, but we are going to be extremely hyper focused now."

As you get into the final week of preparation before game week, will there be another scrimmage like this?
"Yes there will. I told them we were going again on Wednesday. We are not game ready. That's the way it's going to go. We can't do what we did today."

If you scrimmage Wednesday, will you scrimmage on Saturday as well?
"Yes we will. I keep going. We have to win the war. We need to get this fixed. This is not who we are. We don't do that. It's not okay. The sun doesn't shine, food doesn't very good. Nothing seems to be good when you turn the ball over."

What did you see out of the running backs today?
"The backs were okay. Tyler (Rouse) had a really nice run for a touchdown. I thought a couple of the younger guys ran hard at times. We're still young back there. We're missing some cuts and things but it was certainly adequate. It was above the line. It wasn't great. It wasn't bad. It was okay. We missed a couple of perimeter blocks and a couple screens, but I mean, it starts and finishes with number of turnovers. You do a better job with that and you're coming out of here feeling pretty good."

Graduate DB Sean Sylvia

What did you think about today's scrimmage?
"We were just flying around out there. It was great to get the opportunity to hit people. It was a good time to get out there and just play live football. That's what we came here for and it's fun to do."

The second had four interceptions today - what was the reason behind such a strong effort today?
"We were flying around the ball. We were doing a really good job out there acting as a cohesive unit and every guy can play every position and that's exactly what we want back there."

In terms of integrating the news guys, there are some young players who have given you a fusion of energy and enthusiasm - could you talk about that?
""Even come from the younger guys like Justin (Simmons) and Bryce (Jones), guys that have still more eligibility. We all feed off one another. It doesn't matter what class you are, anyone out there can lead and we just have to keep feeding off of each other. It's going to help us when things get tough out there. All it takes is one play to turn it all around. We're all pretty excited about it."

With the quality of quarterbacks in the ACC, do you need all aspects of the defense clicking to try and limit the other team?
"What's awesome is that we now have a really, really mobile quarterback in Tyler (Murphy). When he gets out of the pocket, we have to adjust. In the ACC, that is what we face all year. We have to take our rush lanes and everything into account. Last year, we did struggle against QBs that ran around a little bit, but hopefully this year, we can get that taken care of. It's healthy for us to have someone like Tyler run around back here. We're playing pretty well right now, so we just have to keep it going. We're all really excited."

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