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Football Players Discuss Progress In Second Week of Camp

Aug. 14, 2014

Chestnut Hill, Mass. - The Boston College football team continued its second week of preseason camp, practicing the last two days in Alumni Stadium. Read what the players had to say after Thursday's practice.

Graduate C Andy Gallik
On quarterback Tyler Murphy joining the team...
"It's been awesome ever since Tyler came to camp. He has fit in really well. He's good friends with the guys from Connecticut. He's good friends with Ian [Silberman] too so the transition was a little better for him, not coming in as a completely unknown guy. Also, having some of the coaches like Coach Frye and Coach Addazio, who were with him down in Florida and recruited him helped make the transition better. Along with guys like Darius Wade and Troy Flutie, I think they're coming along and a guy like Tyler has taken them under his wing in the quarterback position. We're all trying to rally around them and make this transition into freshman year easier."

On getting a rhythm with Murphy...
"I definitely feel a good rhythm with Tyler after doing the spring work with him. In terms of chemistry, we hit it off as soon as he got here. We started practicing our terminologies with each other. We're always on the same page when it comes to blitz patterns and third-down protection, so I think that we've come a long way since spring and it's still a work in progress."

Graduate QB Tyler Murphy
On practicing with live action...
"Any time you can get live game action before the actual game, it helps, especially so you can see where you're at. We're starting to pick it up a little bit. The guys are getting a good feeling about what they need to work on and what they need to get better at. It's only helping us move forward."

On the freshmen's transition to college football...
"The young guys are doing a good job running behind and trying to take mental reps when they aren't in. Watching the older guys, they're asking questions. That helps and makes things easier, especially when they aren't taking the first rep. They can see what to do, how to do it, and they can get out on the second rep and do it themselves. The younger guys are doing a great job coming along. It's exciting to see them develop."

On center Andy Gallik...
"We're really working on communication and getting the offense to make the right calls and the right checks. That comes with really focusing on walkthroughs and in meetings and after drives and periods, just talking and communicating what we see and what we should do and listening to the coaching tips. We're really coming along."

Graduate DB Dominique Williams
On what he learned from the Eagles before him...
"One thing that I really picked up on just watching [the seniors] on film and the field is they really paid attention to details and stuff. One thing that the coach told the defensive backs before games was take pride in what you do and remember why you're out here. It's a great opportunity you're presented with just being able to play this game. Wes [Davis] just told me just take advantage of everything. Most people don't know that he got three degrees while being a Boston College Eagle, which is pretty awesome. He's always told me to take advantage of everything and don't look past anything."

On leading by example...
"I can tell the younger kids everything I want, but what they really see is if you lead by example. So if I come in and I'm the first one into the locker room every day and the last one out, they'll pick up on that and they'll understand how important it is to take care of your body; study form; go over your techniques; trust the techniques that the coaches are teaching us. I'm trying to lead by example."

Junior LB Steven Daniels
On the defense's aggressive style...
"We're just an aggressive defense. We're going to pound our gaps. We're going to do everything. We're going to be physical...You have to be physical. You have to show leadership, sometimes with your words and other times with your actions...I love being physical. If we're going to go in there and hit, I'm going to give my best."

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