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Football Holds First Scrimmage

Aug. 9, 2014

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Chestnut Hill, Mass - The Boston College football team held the first intrasquad scrimmage of the 2014 season on Saturday morning at Shea Field.

Following practice, head coach Steve Addazio and select student-athletes spoke to the media.

Head Coach Steve Addazio
On the overall scrimmage...
"It was a pretty typical first day. I was really happy with the defense in the first part; I really liked the goal line. I thought they were really tackling well. When we went to the plays at the end, I thought the offense moved the ball well. We drove the ball down the field really well. There was the good and the bad...There were good things on both sides and then there were poor things on both sides. That is pretty typical. Usually, though, after the first Saturday, the defense is ahead of the offense. [The offense is] still installing. In the beginning, it was really sluggish and when we finished, we were flat playing. I thought the offense was throwing the ball quite well."

On quarterback Tyler Murphy...
"Tyler was making some plays and that was good. I was really happy with some of the plays that he made in the back end there. He threw the ball. He made a couple of nice passes and made a couple of nice runs. He moved the chains and got it going. I was happy to see that happen. Sometimes on these first Saturdays, you don't ever even get that going."

On the offense as a whole...
"[The offense] gelled a little bit [at the end]. They were not gelled at the beginning. It was herky-jerky all over the place... There was a host of breakdowns all over the place and when that happens, it looks like garbage. And then all of a sudden you start gelling a little bit and get a little groove going, and get a little confidence and that is what it is. So it takes a little time."

On getting more experience with live tackling...
"Here is what I learned from today; this is the takeaway I will give you: This team, this program, this year - we have to do more [live tackling]. I am not going to be able to get away with one or two shots of tackling. We are too young. We all know what the risks are going to be: I could limp into the first game with a bunch of injuries; it might happen. You know what? Big picture? I got to do it. So, my take away today is that we got to do more of it, which I didn't do last year. More guys had more playing experience. We've got to tackle. We've got to play the game -the real game with tackling, cutting, officials, penalties, coaches off the field because they have been driving the team and now all of a sudden no one is driving...I'm going to [roll the dice]. You have to. We're too young. And that's fine. You've got to be able to have a feel for it."

Graduate QB Tyler Murphy
On playing in the scrimmage...
"It felt good to get out there and be live and have the coaches off the field. Evaluate and see where you are at. I think there is a lot to learn from today. Offensively, we have to get a lot better. I think we were able to go out there and see what we need to work on."

On being a leader...
"I think I need to get better when it comes to a leadership standpoint. As a quarterback, you are worried about a lot when it comes to executing and checking plays. I get too focused and I am too calm. I need to be more vocal and get out of my element. That is something I am a little uncomfortable with. That is something I need to figure out. I was able to see that today and I am glad I got to face adversity today because that is going to make things easier when it comes to week one. "

On the defense...
The defense is very physical. It's not one of those defenses that are afraid so when you run right at them, they are going to run right at you. They are not going to hesitate or think twice. That's good because you don't face defenses like that all the time. As an offense, we feel comfortable doing that and knowing that our defense is doing to hold up. It's going to be on us to make sure we score points, take care of the ball and execute."

Sophomore RB Myles Willis
On playing in the scrimmage...
"It was good because it felt like being in a game atmosphere. You get a lot of reps with live defense. They were ready to hit us and frankly, I was just ready to see - you have to be ready to take the pounding as a back - so I was just ready to see how that feels. I felt good. I felt like I got better as the scrimmage went on."

On scoring on the goal line...
"It was a learning experience for the offense. Last year, Andre Williams had to dig down deep to get the ball to the end zone and that is something that we all have to work on. Everything is a learning experience. We just finished the first week. We have a little bit of time - not forever - but we have a little bit of time to get it right."

On the offense as a whole...
"As an offense, we are getting better and Tyler [Murphy] is doing a good job of leading us. We started off a little rough but we picked it up. That was a function of a little halftime break. Tyler came in and talked us up and we got ready to go."

On goals for next week...
"My sights are now on getting ready for the next week's game. I know UMass is in the future but right now, I am thinking about the things I have to work on and I am ready to get back out there. I wish we were going out there again today. I wish we had a two-a-day. I'd get back in there now...[My goals are] running my routes better and also being a leader and helping the younger guys. Just being the best team player I can. Across the board, work on consistency."


  • Freshman quarterback Darius Wade did not play due to a leg strain sustained in practice earlier in the week. Graduate quarterback turned wide receiver Josh Bordner took snaps from center, along with Murphy and freshman Troy Flutie.
  • Former Eagles Bill Thompson '88 and Wes Davis '11 spoke to the team after practice on Friday night. Thomson was a defensive end who helped lead BC to the 1984 Cotton Bowl victory. Davis was a safety who led the team in interceptions in 2009.

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