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Football Update: Practice Day 2

Graduate student QB Tyler Murphy

Graduate student QB Tyler Murphy
Aug. 5, 2014

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With one day of practice under their belts, the Eagles returned to the field on Tuesday for the second day of preseason camp. Read what some of the players had to say about the upcoming season, joining the team at the Heights and filling some big shoes.

Graduate student QB Tyler Murphy
On the talent around him ...
"Well we got a great core running back - starting with Myles and Tyler - and a lot of the young guys who just got here. They're showing a lot of promise. And that receiver position, they got a lot of size so that's nice. Big targets allow me, if I'm inaccurate, to save me. I like the group we have and everyone works hard and I think we'll be able to do some things."

On acclimating himself with the team ...
"I spent a lot of time in the offseason with the guys, just hanging out, outside of the football facility, trying to get to know them, letting a lot of them to get to know me. Just when we're out here, we're comfortable with each other, so we're not second guessing each other if we want to be successful. We really have to trust each other and have that bond. It's still growing but I think in the offseason I definitely made some strides with the guys."

Senior C Andy Gallik
On the offensive line ...
"To be honest at first, you know, I missed Ian [White] and Patch [Matt Patchan] a lot when the season ended last year. I figured, how could you ever replace two guys like that? And once we started winter workouts, Ian [Silberman] came along and Seth [Betancourt] was there. We started spring ball up and then I saw what they could do and what their talent level was and I figured they're picking up right where we left off with losing Patch and Ian. That's why I am excited. We were clicking on all cylinders during spring ball. I feel like our chemistry is at an all-time high and it can only get better during camp when we go through the ups and downs. We have a lot more practice in us and we have a lot more things we need to work on to get better, but I think that we're on the right track and I think that this offensive line is poised to be better than what we had last season."

Graduate student OL Ian Silberman
On choosing to come to Boston College ...
"One thing was familiarity. I wanted to be around people who knew me, knew how I played and the culture. I knew I wanted to go where Tyler [Murphy] come with someone who I've known since late 2009 is awesome."

On playing with five other fifth-year seniors ...
"I haven't seen that in my time since I've been playing college football. These guys are smart, they run the system and they have a bunch of playing experience so I think it's awesome."

Sophomore RB Myles Willis
On putting on weight before preseason camp started ...
"Alot of times I go back and watch film and there those couple plays where a guy might have got me, clipped me, and knocked me off balance so that was my motivation in the offseason to put on that weight. The more I just keep hitting, hitting, hitting, and then be able to burst through."

On filling running back Andre Williams' shoes with fellow sophomore Tyler Rouse ...
"We're just working hard because this time last year, not many people were expecting Dre to do what he did but he just kept working. He's always one of the last guys off the field; he's always doing extra. That's what I hope to do. I can't tell you what's going to happen during the year but all I can say is, I'm going to work my hardest to make sure that, when the time comes I'm able to step and reach my full potential."

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